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AG Garland is a real low life!

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  • AG Garland is a real low life!

    We may question why presidents pardon the people they do.
    In the history of the United States, no person, pardoned by POTUS has had their pardon overturned or been retried.

    AG Garland has decided to retry a guy Trump pardoned! What a lowlife!

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    We dodged a bullet by not getting Garland for Supreme Court, what a piece of crap he is.


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      I have a strong feeling that we are not getting the whole story here.
      A man wearing a $360,000 wrist watch does not serve 20 years in prison for stealing over a billion dollars.

      "With the proceeds of those crimes, authorities said, Esformes bought a $360,000 Greubel Forsey watch, a $1.6 million Ferrari Aperta automobile and paid for female escorts, according to the indictment.

      "He also paid $300,000 in bribes to then-University of Pennsylvania’s men’s basketball coach, Jerome Allen, who helped get Esformes’ son admitted to that Ivy League school’s Wharton School of Business by falsely claiming he was a prized basketball recruit, prosecutors said."

      Trump did not respond to a request for comment.
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        My reading is that he wasn't pardoned, he had his sentence commuted.


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          But only on the counts for which he was CONVICTED.
          The jury was hung on quite a few counts in the indictment, and DOJ wants a new trial on them.
          Apparently, the "pardon" was narrowly worded.


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            Opinions vary but to defend Merrick Garland is swimming at the low end of the pool. Garland is everything bad that is government . The man is a abomination to American rights and justice !
            Last edited by Pmacc60; 08-14-2022, 03:22 PM.


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              Pmacc -
              You need to read up on this.
              You clearly don't understand the situation.


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                Garland missed out on a lifetime appointment. Dude’s gotta be resentful, even if only subconsciously.


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                  The best explanation I have heard of Garland came from a speaker on Fox news who used the term ‘demented weasel’ !! That pretty much covers it all !

                  But then, just what should we expect when we have a loser who thinks DEI for very important positions, is more important than merit !! But then, 81,000,000 people thought the same thing !!

                  Last edited by bowhunter75richard; 08-16-2022, 09:05 PM.


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                    Merrick Garland has driven the last nail into the coffin holding any hope of reuniting this country in the near future. His demeanor shows his arrogant attitude that comes with the office; we are very lucky he never made it to the SCOTUS. He has pushed us past the figurative Rubicon so far that only a long, continued conservative Republican administration and Congress will settle the rabid Left until they are seen as the nutters they are. That's all I'm gonna say about that.




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