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Who Cares About Nuclear Documents?

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  • Who Cares About Nuclear Documents?

    Everyone likes to pick up little mementos on the way out the door when you leave a job. Especially if those things are valuable for resale. I mean if those docs are so "top ultra ultra secret only to be even read in special secure facilities" then no one would be able to read them anyway, right? I mean don't they have a decoder ring or special X-ray glasses or something for that stuff?

    Iran I walked, I skipped and jumped, jeepers creepers who cares if some old turban headed I-oh-tolla gets some papers, guy can't read English anyway. If they were worth a billion it might cure someone's money woes. Might convince Putin to hold off on those PP tapes too.

    Look at it this way, if they never had of raided Trump's house, they never would have known anyway, now who is the traitor huh? Obviously if they just let loose with some pics from hunter Biden's laptop of him cavorting NAKID with those floozies this would all clear up faster than you can snort a line of coke off the belly of a las vegas......

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    Thank God it's Friday, indeed. Happy Hour's earlier for some than others.




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