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    Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post

    Reminds me of the old days in the 50's.
    Bert lived next door and was...uhhmmm...mentally challenged...but functional.
    Every Saturday, his folks would take him to the old Ritz Theater where they played B Westerns all day long.
    Cost a dime to get in and a quarter would get a soda and pop corn and a nickel candy bar for the walk back home.
    We moved to town and first got cable TV when I was 12 going on 13. Prior to that, we got two channels out in the boonies, the local CBS and NBC stations -- or no channels at all depending on the weather. Once in town, I was real happy to discover two things about cable TV: There were channels that followed certain baseball teams and showed every single game! and a channel that showed six or seven solid hours of 50s and 60s Western TV shows every day and a full-length movie every night.

    Another cool thing was the fishing shows. ESPN showed Jerry McInnis's Fishin' Hole every Saturday morning, followed by Bill Dance.


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      Oops, scrolled from the bottom up and repeated Franchi.

      How about this instead.


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        Posted on OL a while back as well.




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