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  • "J6" committee....... a "Russian Hoax" sham!

    The (d)'s have the idea to use it as their "October surprise"...and it's falling flat on it's face! ....just like the Mueller "Report"!
    A humongous "Nothing Burger"!

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    Here is another opinion.

    Former Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that Donald Trump will likely face criminal charges as a result of the Justice Department’s investigation into his actions leading up to the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

    Holder said the Justice Department’s criminal charges will likely come after the midterms given the long-standing precedent not to announce criminal charges during an election year.
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      What the committee has revealed

      Through witnesses who were around Trump, hauls of text messages, interviews with key players and even family members of the ex-President, the committee has built a damning case about his insurrectionist behavior.
      • Trump was told multiple times by campaign aides, lawyers and White House officials that he lost to Joe Biden in November 2020. But he persisted with fantastical claims of voter fraud that have deeply damaged US democracy.
      • He imposed extreme pressure on local Republican leaders in key states like Arizona and Georgia to overthrow Biden’s election victories and his attacks severely impacted the lives of election workers in the Peach State.
      • The ex-President tried to bully top officials in the Justice Department into simply saying that the election was stolen to boost his efforts to overthrow the results in battleground states, witnesses testified. He only backed off at the threat of mass resignations.
      • Trump knew that some of the protesters at his January 6 rally were armed but goaded them to march up to Capitol Hill to disrupt the certification of Biden’s election win anyway, according to testimony from a key witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, who worked for ex-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.
      • As protesters called for then-Vice President Mike Pence to be hanged, Trump told staff that Pence deserved it after he failed to implement Trump’s scheme to overturn the election results, Hutchinson said in another piece of bombshell testimony.


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        Tune in for the next installment of this made for TV Thriller!!!!!

        Dust up of Patriots trying to be heard in a media environment designed to silence them.
        He said, she said. Actions are what you are accountable for, not mean tweets and sayings.
        What did the billion dollars of Zuckbucks buy, who else kicked in money to steal the election????

        Only the Shadow knows!!!!

        Let's GO Brandon!!!!




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