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    We shoot 3-gun at my range. It is a fun competition. My favorite aspect is that you get to exercise three different firearms with lots of shooting from each. I have a tough time with it though because my replacement knees don't bend enough, my fused neck doesn't bend enough and my fused lower back doesn't let me bend low enough for optimum positioning on all stages. I make out OK with improvised position but I pretty much get knocked out of it with shooting the "off-eye" positions. I never could look through my scope with my weak eye and that pretty much kills me. An improved scope with lots of eye pupil is the ticket. I just use my long range AR with its high magnification scope and that doesn't cut it too well with the off-eye targets.

    Having gigantic magazines is the secret of success to save time on mag changes. A 200 round AR mag saves changing those puny 30 round mags. You better have at least 20 rounds in your pistol and more is better. Shotguns are limited to 10 rounds but the winners are adept at refueling thier shotgun magazines within a few seconds. They grab multiple shells off special vest racks and slam them in the magazine so fast you can't see their hands move.

    If you want to score, you will need special firearms for each: the AR, the pistol and the shotgun. I don't compete in it so I just use my regular firearms for the fun of it in club matches. I do fine with my AR but lose time changing 30 round mags. I do fine with my pistol too but again lose time changing 9 round mags. I shoot my pump 870 with a five round magazine and don't have a chance with that... lots of quick reloading but never quick enough. Most winners use an auto loader with a cylinder choke, 10 round magazine and a refueling rack strapped to their chest.

    Try it if you can. It's a lot of fun and you get lots of time to visit with great people while you wait your turn.
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