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    Folks, are you following what is in store for this Country in the supply of Energy? (Tucker last night) Read between the lines. Listen to the experts in their Energy fields. To me it does not look very good. Plan ahead as much as you can.

    The next event to me is Diesel trucks will start parking their trucks. Diesel is $6.50 to $7.00. That makes a big truck with 200 or 250 gallon tanks X2, about $3500 on the high end. At 5mpg that is about 700 miles. With the other operating costs added in they can not continue.

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    It's all a part of the Green Nude Eel. The Democrats did all this on purpose. Your pain and suffering is what they engineered. The food crisis that's the flip side of this brilliant plan and the electricity shortage will be obvious this summer. Government over regulation, without sufficient regard to the consequences of their actions is going to be a real gigantic riotous mess as this goes on. Energy is a all of the above issue. Brandon's abandonment of market based solutions and his arbitrary date selection for total change is going to kill a goodly number of the smelly Walmart people he despises. American citizens are going to fight eventually, otherwise we lose our lives and dreams. It's all brought to you by the Green Nude Eel that never passed a vote. It's being imposed by Emperor Brandon and his enabling MSNBCNN Democrat team!!

    Let's GO Brandon!!!




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