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  • CNN Spin

    How about this for CNN spin tonight?

    Gov. Abbott the gun is not the problem, mental health is.

    CNN Spin: the vast majority of people with mental issues do not shoot up schools.
    That is pure evil saying about Gov. Abbots statement.

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    All thumbs are fingers....but not all fingers are thumbs!

    ALL people with mental issues aren't mass murderers.
    ALL mass murderers have mental issues!


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      Everyone knows that you are part of the problem or part of the solution. CNN, or the Clinton News Network, is a huge womping part of the problem. They are the media cheerleaders of the dasturdly Democrats. Russia Hoax, Green Nude Eel, Chainsaw Bayonets on evil AR-15s, without MSNBCNN and the NY Times and the rest of the Hee Haw Gang nobody would know just how twisted and evil we are. Sam Brinton and Admiral Dr Racheal Levine aren't the crazy people it's you!!! Without the Algores and Treasonous John Kerry's of the world that CNN brings into your living room, you wouldn't know what to think. You might remember that Drill, Baby Drill works every time it's tried. America has brought back bald eagles and white tailed deer and still built pipelines and big honking pick up trucks. Nobody would know how much us gun toten Americans suck without the MSNBCNN folks to tell them about it. Reform the news business and leave the Constitution alone zipperheads!!!!

      Let's GO Brandon!!!!



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        Tucker Carlson over the last couple months has really shed light on how crooked and f.....up our Country really is. IF med-term and 2024 does not go well I am afraid hot lead will be the only thing that will change things.


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          Monkey see, monkey do.

          Trump loyalist who lost Georgia governor primary with just 3.4% of the vote is refusing to admit defeat.




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