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Primaries in PA and GA

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    Here is the crazed killer waiting for Labrador at the grocery store.


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      2022 PA Senate GOP Primary (with leaners)
      Oz 32% (+11)
      Barnette 27% (+12)
      McCormick 26% (-1)
      Sands 7% (-4)
      Bartos 6% (-11)

      2022 PA Governor GOP Primary
      Mastriano 42% (+23)
      Barletta 24% (+4)
      McSwain 13% (+5)
      White 10% (-2)

      +- changes from April 3 poll May 14-15 / N=1,000 LV


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        I voted for the homeschooling, concealed carry ultra MAGA Kathy Barnette and Doug Mastriano. Both of them were in DC on Jan 6. Time to put the big HURT on the DC Swamp Commie Democrats.

        Let's GO Brandon!!!!


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          Looks like Mastriano has it, for senate it looks like Oz and McCormick neck and neck at 45% reporting.

          I was actually rooting for your candidate lab. Barnette would have shook things up. I've little faith in Oz or McCormick doing Trump's America First thing. They'll fold to big business.


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            Still counting the votes..... No one seems to have mentioned the mail in ballots. The same mail in ballots as in 2020, counted by probably the same people using the same methods at the same places. I guess the ballots weren't an issue, losing was.


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              Mail in ballots are a problem, whether Democrats or Republican. My criticism of vote counting in Philly and Pittsburgh is that the Democrats control those areas to a extent not possible in the rest of the state. Zuckbucks went to those areas at an over 3 to 1 ratio. Democrats got paid to harvest ballots in Murderdelphia and in Pittsburgh. Murderdelphia has a reputation as a machine voting Democrat city.

              Let's GO Brandon!!!


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                PA going for the recount.


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                  Originally posted by labrador12 View Post
                  She's a legal imigration fan. A homeschooler. Not a huge fan of Muslims. Big Constututionalist, pro Second Amendment and hard work. Anti BLM, pro ultra MAGA energy dominance. My kind of girl. More flame throwers in DC the better. Give the Democrats what they have been asking for, good and hard!!

                  Let's GO Brandon!!!!
                  Who is She?




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