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  • Putin Joke

    Putin joke
    Putin dies and goes to hell, but after a while, he is given a day off for good behavior.

    So he goes to Moscow, enters a bar, orders a drink, and asks the bartender:

    -Is Crimea ours?

    -Yes, it is.

    -And the Donbas?

    -Also ours.

    -And Kyiv?

    -We got that too.

    Satisfied, Putin drinks, and asks:

    -Thanks, how much do I owe you?

    -5 euros.

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ID:	797707Some humor for a slow Monday waiting for backstraps to cook.


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        If the Ukrainians had put up gun free zone signs, Putin wouldn't have attacked. Bad guys always obey the law. Brandon should send a bunch over, that will end the Carnage and be much more ecologically correct!! He could even drop them from orbit or make a # hashtag no guns!!! That's how Michelle Obama does it!!!

        Let's GO Brandon!!!


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          What will Vladimir Putin be remembered for?
          Turning the world’s second most powerful military into the second most powerful military in Ukraine.


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            Viktor Orban, Marine Le Pen, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump all go out to a bar. Who picks up the tab?
            Vladimir Putin.


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              I'll sneak in a Trump joke.

              What is the main difference between a chickpea and a kidney bean?
              Donald Trump has never paid to have a kidney bean on his face.


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                The real joke is on America. How much did Putin pay Hunter and Brandon to shut down American energy?????? Putin is making out like a bandit while Hunter flies to DC and Delaware each week to tell his dad what to do. It's a BIG JOKE, but it's not very funny.

                Let's GO Brandon!!!!


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                  As usual, Putin jokes are useless. The most important jokes we need to pay attention to come to us via Washington DC from the biggest joke of all, joe biden!



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                    What happened to the bus loads of illegals that were bussed to Delaware? No social impact?


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                      Click image for larger version

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                      Nice airfield they had in Crimea. Too bad if something were to happen to it.




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