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    Students should be required to pay back their loans just like millions of other students have done before them. This would give them a good life learning experience of how to live in todays debt tempting society.

    If the Govt. does give them a hand out then their credit worthy score should immediately reflect their handout.

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    Student loan forgiveness was an election gimmick to buy the votes of young people, and probably won't be honored.


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      If the present student loans are forgiven, just what happens to loans that are started afterwards ? At what point do we expect bowers to pay their own loans ?
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        There's a whole big kettle of fish regarding student loans, and in some ways I see some good in regard to forgiveness -- though certainly not for any reasons that lefties would ever agree with!

        The cost of a college education is so astronomically high, and for all the wrong reasons. Plush living accommodations, entertainment options, and all the other things that universities use to entice prospective students and keep current students feeling like they're living and studying at someplace truly special. Really expensive fluff, in other words.

        Sure, we can say that students and parents should make smarter choices, nobody held a gun to their head, etc. Our culture, however -- as influenced by the lefty academics -- is so fixated on college and university that, in many cases, you can't blame the families. The majority of American high-school kids are inundated, truly brow-beaten, with the idea that their utmost priority has to be getting into the best college they possibly can. If they don't, they're doomed. It's a whole cultural brainwashing. Many parents are made to feel that they, too, will be failures if their kids don't get into "good" schools.

        And I'm sorry, but there just ain't that big a difference from one university to another. (Which is kind of a moot point now, as even state college tuition is up in the stratosphere.)

        Plus, the way financial aid and student loans are sometimes presented to kids, it's almost a scam. You borrow the ton of money -- but, hey, that job you'll get when you graduate will take care of that! A lot of young adults who don't get that good job cannot be accused of lack of trying. And yeah, again, they went into the whole thing with their eyes open -- but that societal pressure, a deliberately constructed thing in my opinion, is huge.

        The problem begins with the criminally inflated cost of university education. And, of course, with our society's delusion that education level and job title are what determine a person's worth in the world -- but that's a whole other discussion.
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          What BHR said, what happens to the next student loans, or car loans, or apt rent ?? There is no end to the Lefties give away, just pick some more money off the tree. Foolish - we are going down already, want to make it faster??


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            Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post
            What BHR said, what happens to the next student loans, or car loans, or apt rent ?? There is no end to the Lefties give away, just pick some more money off the tree. Foolish - we are going down already, want to make it faster??
            Yes, I see all that. I'm not arguing one side, or arguing for any course of action regarding the specific loans out there now -- I don't really "agree" with the idea of student loan forgiveness. I was simply taking the topic and talking about what I see as larger issues and related issues.

            Revised the first comment so as to be clearer.
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              Govt. est. of student loans is $3 Trillion .


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                Do the people who paid for their college degrees get a free SUCKER tatoo from the government? Does the government or the University give them back the money they invested in their education? It's only the ones who owe money now who get the loans paid off? Only Democrats, the Party that inflicted Social Security and Medicare on us, could getaway with this kind of outright BRIBE. Good thing they have a Ministry of Truth to explain why it's the perfect solution to America's problems,

                Let's GO Brandon!!!


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                  The number of admins making well into six figures has quadrupled when compared to professors, scores of Diversity Equity Inclusiveness officers, one for every department. Many areas of study would have no students if it weren't for loans, and students are encouraged to pursue a masters and even a Phd. The humanities are important, but today's' students don't always study them to get their BA. Often enough they are studying and writing about some nutty off the wall woke thing.


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                    One of my buddies kids took a course in Frank Zappa's music. I've always been a fan of the Mother's of Invention, but college credit seems like a poor investment. I think the country is over colleging itself these days. Sweat, and producing real products should be rewarding. Food, energy, pipelines, roads etc are needed. Gender studies is perhaps not a real field. I got nothing against chasing women, but I believe a BA isn't required.

                    Let's GO Brandon!!!!


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                      When I was in college in the early 90s, the nonsense was just picking up a head of steam. My residence hall had to take a course together, a team-taught course with bits of philosophy, psychology, environmental studies, gender studies, and sociology. There was some super-PC stuff, but they were pretty open about simply giving us some "shock treatment," as one prof put it -- for example, an assignment to visit the highly graphic Maplethorpe exhibit in the art gallery. And the gender studies prof was a very cool woman, whose agenda was mainly just discussing some overlooked women through history and in current events -- her stuff was more like female POV history and government without any of the man-hating or tradition-killing.

                      Maybe it was like other things, starting out with more purity and goodwill, before the hoopleheads took it and made it their own.

                      That course overall was pretty good, once we were done with the Maplethorpe paintings. The environmental studies professor was an outdoorsman and had us read Aldo Leopold. I wonder how often Leopold shows up now in the snooty little universities?

                      I don't know why I always say snooty little universities. In some ways, state schools, ours anyway, are every bit as political and moreso in their own ways. Especially in rural towns where the intellectuals can feel even more superior.

                      Anyway, even with the PC component getting underway in my college days, there was still some perspective. Astronomy was considered a somewhat frivolous elective, even though it was actually pretty hard.
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