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  • 158,000,000

    There were 158million registered voters for 2020. Biden got 80, Trump got 60. 140 million is about 90%

    of total. that is a pretty good turnout. I don't see the claim of 'voter suppression'. do you ?

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    Biden got 81, Trump got 74. That's 67% of those eligible to vote. There are roughly 5 million that are not eligible, felons etc.

    If you're looking to win elections, getting new voters is a great untapped source. Trump did really well that way in 16. I don't know how many I heard they just voted for the first time in their lives.

    Suppression has been a tactic of Republicans for a while. First in all blue collar neighborhoods back in the day, and more recently in black neighborhoods. It's pretty effective. A good method is simply have few places to vote, if there aren't enough places to vote, lines get long, people get sick of waiting or the polls close while they are in line. If you know a precinct is 90% for the other guy, that's the one you target. 1% is sometimes enough.

    2/3 of voters voted before election day in 2020. Making it easy to vote actually seems to help neither party over another.

    Republicans should concentrate on appealing to Hispanics and bringing in new voters, I still think Rs are heavily favored to win in 24, but a lot depends on who runs.





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