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  • Originally posted by franchi20 View Post
    OK, I'll use this platform to ask, since it's the most recent to cover the Covid thing.

    Medical experts have hoisted Johns- Hopkins as the power to worship about everything Covid. They just said we wasted 2 years. Lockdown was unnecessary. Anybody want to rant about false science? They played us. I'm seriously pissed about the whole fake thing.
    Where in the heck have you been picking up cockamaimy ideas. There was no stupid lockdown, stupid. Australia had a very limited closing depending on infection levels, many countries did similar measures, we had Pig singing karaoke. We lost 900,000 people, Australia lost 3,900.

    Don't you ever get embarrassed? Heck I'm embarrassed for you.


    • Rock -
      Amen to that.
      Pig is a one man super-spreader.
      God only knows how many people he has infected/killed.
      Last edited by 99explorer; 02-02-2022, 11:07 PM.


      • Businesses forbidden to open? Limited number of patrons? Restricted access? Several places here in my town closed because of it. Sounds like a lockdown to me.


        • Bars and restaurants closed, oh the horror, just like Nazi Germany. Americans have turned into the softest pantiwastes I've ever heard of. God help us if they ever had to do anything difficult.

          Covid is just about over. Australia opened up after having the heaviest restrictions of a western country. Australia right now, just like the USA, has a fast declining number of new infections. They can go anywhere and do anything without masking. We will end up with over 900,000 dead, Australia over 4,000 dead. The difference is that Australia waited until 95% of adults were vaccinated to lower restrictions.

          I'm not sure of our numbers for adults vaccinated, maybe 64%? The 2,500 people dying in hospitals today are the unvaxed, and a much smaller number of single vax, and an even much smaller number of double vaxxed, and maybe no people with boosters. It's very very rare someone who is boosted dies of covid. We had a great advantage over Australia in that we had tons of vaccines much earlier. Our big disadvantage was that we couldn't work together for the common good.

          One other difference. Australia has a trusted national news source similar to the BBC. They have regular investigations of bias, like all the time, but polling always shows it to be the most trusted news source in the country. So all sides of an issue are using the same basic set of facts, just looking at those facts from a different perspective. The ABC is govt subsidized, they don't have to say what advertisers want them to say, they don't have to only cover stories for clicks. NPR and PBS used to be more like this, now they have been captured by the left (neo liberal left that is, corporatocracy) We are badly in need of a national news source.

          Stay well, and don't be the last one to die of covid because you aren't boosted.


          • "... It's no wonder that one of the first acts of all communist regimes is to round up and murder anybody not hysterically committed to the "cause." Communism, like its COVID-1984 kissing cousin, only thrives when mass formation psychosis takes over. In practice, this entails killing an awfully large number of people who are too old or experienced to believe in fairy tales told to them by government agents with one hand on a loaf of bread and the other on the butt of a gun.

            And you say if we collectivize our farms, we'll be able to feed the whole nation? An end to property rights will bring about utopia in our own time? Tell me, what kind of mule kicked you in the head, son? Hey, wait, let me go...

            It is a sad fact that communism depends on the young, naïve, or brain-dead to push an ideology that brings nothing but poverty, unhappiness, and death. "Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world," Vladimir Lenin boasted..."

            Sound familiar?

            Here's the Johns Hopkins study.

            Last edited by FirstBubba; 02-03-2022, 10:14 AM.


            • Keep protecting yourself - we do not know all the long term affects of Corvid.



              • Here's the Johns Hopkins study.
                and he links to some flakey web site called We The People.

                Dear nutcase, links to Jonsh Hopkins usually begin with just saying. That wasn't a Johns Hopkins link, it was a link to nutters.


                • I just followed nutcase's link, no link there either, but they still mislabel it a Johns Hopkins study. Why? Because they want to make it sound legit.

                  Dear nutcase, give it up, go back to school, stop posting idiotic garbage.


                  • Got the Covid-19 test kit today. 4 tests. Only detects Covid-19. Only tells yea or nay if you have the virus at that time. Nothing about antibodies, past or present. Looks like exp date is July 2022 on mine.


                    • pighunter
                      I've lost some friends too. Though I haven't checked, I'm pretty sure their death certificates say COD was "COVID". (?) Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. I didn't test them. It might have been COVID. It MIGHT have been the vaccine. EVERY person I've known who died of (ahem!) COVID was vaccinated. Again....(????).

                      I've been exposed to COVID, I've not had itchy eyes, scratchy throat or runny nose.

                      I've reiterated time and again that cloth or paper masks were little more than receptors for germs to be sure they were inhaled!
                      Somebody inserted a CO2 monitor into children's masks. The CO2 levels were above OSHA standard MCL's! Masks are killing our children.
                      Masks also cover parents faces. Their young can't see how they form words with their lips.

                      I've also stated time and again, the disease is real. The "hoax" is the fear mongering and paranoia.

                      The vaccine?
                      It doesn't prevent the disease.
                      It doesn't stop the spread.....but sheeple are willing to be vaccinated and boosted up to four (and maybe more) times!

                      I'm NOT vaccinated.
                      Won't have them stick that goofy juice in me!

                      The CDC quit counting COVID deaths! Huh?
                      So COVID deaths are no longer important?

                      The two (three?) locals who are still fear mongering and preaching paranoia are both liberal hacks, only wanting somebody to respond to their insidious posts to stroke their own bloated egos.


                      • If a teenager gets Covid and THEN gets a vaccination, he (mostly affects males) is at high risk for myocarditis. Dr's are at a loss why. Source, MedPage newslettr.


                        • I see that Time magazine has dug up the deer-covid connection again, after 5 out of 68 deer tested on Staten Island, NY had omicron. (Apparently there are woods and swamps and stuff on Staten Island. Who knew?)

                          Lots of speculation in their article about animals harboring the virus and then a novel variant spreading to humans. Of course it contains ominous mention of how current vaccines might be useless against such a (hypothetical) variant.

                          Did anybody ever see any follow-up to all the deer-covid stuff in the fall? Any news of any humans who caught the virus from deer?


                          • Many small animals, pets and wild, have been killed because they have Covid.


                            • Originally posted by PigHunter

                              Where's the source for this data?
                              More "COVID porn" by a fear mongering liberal. 😉






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