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  • Black Friday

    Going to any good stores ? I don't go but the relatives get up at 3am to find some good buys.
    I do try to spend on sporting things in hunting and fishing but I really don't need anything.

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    First Lite has 30% off some stuff. Out of Solitude jacket in my size but scored the bibs.
    Since I wont get a deer this yr (shoulder and knee issues minimized time afield) I will at least have half a set of better hunting clothes for 2022 LOL

    Been a crappy deer season, year in general. When kids little holidays were fun.
    Now I'd just as soon skip em all.

    I went hunting for a couple hrs yesterday, skipped kids dinner (heard she did an excellent job, other kids went).

    Gave everybody their X mas money so they could shop today/this weekend or whatever.

    May buy a different vehicle today. Hate spending money. But mine is making new noises and at 218K aint worth putting money into. Was hoping to make it through winter.

    NO DEALS on any vehicles, anywhere.

    Ridiculous. I should limp my POS through winter. Screw em.


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      I have to laugh, the years when the gas prices are going up: TV news programs make such ado out of the high gas prices -- "Thanksgiving travelers might have to change their holiday plans due to the surging gas prices!" Mmmmm, okay. And then, the very next story will be about the excitement of Black Friday shopping. Most people have enough money to shop for recreation (plus most of the Black Friday sales merchandise is stuff for entertainment), but supposedly people are stymied by a tank of gas costing fifteen bucks more than it did last year.

      Nothing against shopping, just the stupid contradictions we live with. Though in fact I've never shopped on Black Friday. Funny, I was just mentioning my old sporting-goods job in another thread -- back then, lucky for me, there were seldom any big Black Friday deals in sporting goods at the big box stores. That was right around the time DVD players were coming on the scene, along with a ton of new computer stuff, so everything was electronics. I'd hide back at the sporting goods counter reading the owner manuals from various guns and gear.


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        I have never shopped black friday. My one sporting goods purchase this year is another pair of Heat Holders insulated socks. Really don't need anything else.




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