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  • Milldawg
    With continued woosification of men I’m scared to think what 2050 will look like

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  • FirstBubba
    At 71 years of age, I'm not all that concerned with the year 2050. I'll be 100 that year - - - if I'm still alive! LOL!

    pighunter - that "image stabilization" thing is interesting.
    If your scope can "stabilize" an image, can it "stabilize" your rifle?

    Will the future be that you "paint" your target with a laser and the bullet of your $50/shell ammo will "seek" that target? 🤔

    Caseless ammo? Already got that. Don't we? (muzzle loaders? pun intended!)

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  • jhjimbo
    Originally posted by PigHunter
    We're only looking at 28 years from now. The human population won't change enough between now and then to significantly shrink habitat. But expect fewer hunters as the woosification of the American male continues. Deer populations should increase.

    Some of the biggest deer already live in suburban areas. Archery and suppressed firearms will be necessary to keep a low profile around housing. Been there, done that already.

    The 2050 hunters will most likely be using electric vehicles to get around. Their clothing will be more advanced. Electronic scopes with built-in laser rangefinders and image stabilization/enhancement will be commonplace. It's probable that some kind of heads-up display will be available to link to glasses or a visor to aid in shooting. Temperature, wind conditions, barometric pressure, and shot angle will be factored by the system's onboard computer to calculate where to aim.

    Perhaps caseless ammo problems will be solved by then. Perhaps firearms using crossbow bolts will be popular, who knows? But the 6.5 Creedmoor will be the most popular cartridge for centerfire.

    I'll probably be dead by 2050 anyways. So it's literally not my problem. Someone will be hunting with whatever firearms I currently have as long as they're still legal. I just know I probably won't have a use for them.

    I'm not concerned about the following because I've absolutely no control over the possible events. I suggest you stop worrying so much about such things. That just steals your joy for life and is a waste of time.

    1) War
    2) Disease / Pandemics (in humans and deer)
    3) Climate Change

    I am not worrying, just mulling things over in my mind - things not designed for mass consumption.. I can't stop my mind from thinking WHAT IF.

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  • jhjimbo
    started a topic 2050


    What will hunting (if any ) look like in 2050 ? Any prognosticators out there ?

    With land becoming more and more densly populated, animals will be confined in smaller spaces. Smaller spaces mean less ability to support the animals. More chance for disease, starvation, etc. Land is the one thing that is finite.
    Any massive military confortation would have people resorting to animals for survival and that would quickly depleat their numbers.
    I think disease in humans as well as animals and crops will continue to increase as human proximity increases the chances of transmission of disease. Climate and disease will change the landscape of life on Earth. JMO



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