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    NASA is launching a satellite today to catch up to an Asteroid and hit it to nudge it off it's course. Leaving today, it will catch up to the Asteroid orbit in late October, 2022.

    And kids say, why do I have to study Math ?
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    “And kids say, why do I have to study math ?”

    The issue of math in our lives is an amazing factor that is being almost forgotten in our schools. In fact, several aspects of general education are being neglected in favor of politicizing our young students starting in grade school. The concept of CRT is an indoctrination of politics and is replacing the principals of reading, arithmetic and even English ! Many so called educators are disrupting the education system to the point that parents are now fighting back against the idiocy of these moves. When some students are advanced in grades and even graduated because of ‘equity’, it is a disgrace, not only to the student, but even more so to the country itself. And then we have a segment of the population that wonders why they are not employable ! Oh, I’s because of racism, their ignorance has nothing to do with it......really ????




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