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Biden screws us again

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  • Biden screws us again

    Propane to soar or maybe not even be available.

    11am Fin Market Comments 10-26-21 (1).pdf

    But make no mistake... there's something very nefarious going on with the price of oil, the amount of oil in storage, and today an article in the WSJ saying "be prepared for big surges in propane costs." They say exports have drained supply, and we're short the fuel. But get this... In Mexico, propane is to fall so much in price, it made the newscasts! Are you getting this? They sold off our propane stores to Mexico, and their propane costs are crashing. meanwhile you suckers in the US are going to freeze, OR pay through the nose. Covid, lockdowns, supply issues, soaring oil, soaring propane... we're being played folks. Dark Winter, as I've been writing in the FIR is real.
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    Jimbo, is today another day that ends in y?


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      Propane (LPG) prices always spike in the fall and winter. When Biden stopped the fracking and shut down drilling, fossil fuels prices had no choice but to climb.
      Bring back drilling leases!
      Bring back the Keystone!
      Bring back fracking!
      After drilling technology uncovered more obtainable reservoirs, the U.S. has enough fossil fuels to ruin OPEC!


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        I see it to believe it. Just like we where low on gas. And everyone went nuts to get it. What a joke. People is what make it what it is so. Cause a seen make the news ya it’s going to go up.




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          Can't think of a single time I've thought, "Where is a cop when you need one?" and one appeared! 😖

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          For all the men and women LEO's out there, this is your week. Thank You.
          05-18-2022, 09:57 PM
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          Shades of Jimmy Buffett

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          Finally got caught up at work. Three months and it’s full bore again. They’d better find some decent help or I’m retiring early.

          05-18-2022, 11:09 AM
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          Language warning.

          The Offspring with a tune about leeching significant others.

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