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    Originally posted by rock rat View Post
    You're correct Lab, and if Trump had his way there wouldn't have even been a $10K cap, even better Trump increased the standard deduction so that now the vast majority of people simply pay the standard deduction. For small mom and pop businesses he also gave a 20% across the board deduction. Generally it was good for me, and a lot people didn't like it, the 10% living in CA,NY,NJ, CT, etc, and also anti tax folks like the Koch brothers.

    The tax rate cuts expire in 2025, but the corporate tax cuts don't, and the entire bill added somewhere around 2 trillion to our debt. Not sure if you care about debt but many people scream about it when it means eye glasses for the elderly or $ for moms with kids.

    Also only estates over 22 million have to pay tax on the $ over that amount.

    I got some great tax breaks, and it made wealthy Dems noisy, it also increased the debt by a huge amount by giving breaks to the wealthy who hardly need a break.
    Catholic Charities can take care of Grandpa's glasses, they take care of Illegal Immigrants.




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