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  • This is how it is done

    For those who are technical oriented, this is how Wuhan weaponized Covid-19

    Furin Cleavage Site Is Key to SARS-CoV-2 Pathogenesis - PubMed (

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    Of course, that is the short version.


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      The enabeling of Genetic manuplitation was possible when it was discovered that by cycling the temperature of DNA warm to cool and back at a set time schedule it would multiply. That gave the researchers sufficient qunatity of DNA to work with and it was then off to the races. . A stran of DNA is very small, millions, or billions might fit on the head of a pin.
      So, in the late '70's research was able to remove a segment of the DNA strain and insert another engineered segment in it's place that would do what the final intent was. That is how Covid was developed. Since DNA is the instruction for life, in a sense they were tampering with the natural order of things. Many human disorders or disease are because the human strain was compromised by something ilike radiation, chemicals, drugs or some invaiding bacteria, virus and sometimes even a persons own immune system going berzerk would attacking itself. This is a facinating area of life science research and eventually many disease and dsorders will be corrected by this method of select gene therapy. Some have already started.
      There is a constant battle between the orthodxy ethics and people with sinister ambition as we now have the technology to in fact create monsters and in fact in some Countries with less regulation it may already have been done. especially designing 'super human babies'. Stay tuned, we have just started in this area of science.

      BTY, Some question the origin of things and years ago MIT started mapping the total Human genome. It took them years to accomplish the mapping. All the instructions to create a Human was cataloged. . One result to the dismay of the Homosexual crowd was the fact that there is NO gene for Homosexuality as they had always proclaimed - it is a learned condition.

      To learn more about this pick your area of interest.
      mit gene mapping - Bing
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