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Governor Abbott - DO SOMETHING

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  • Governor Abbott - DO SOMETHING

    100,000 illegals are invaiding us every Month. 30,000 more are staged to come across. Do Something.
    Why not Deputise every able American Texan and have them take turns guarding the border and shutting down the illegals. And Yes, THEY SHOULD BE ARMED AND MEAN BUSINESS. SOMETIMES i THINK THE BORDER PATROL ARE HELPING THE ILLEGALS. NEWS THAT TWO ENTRY POINTS WERE RECENTLY UNMANNED. (sorry hit caps by mistake)
    From the looks of the Border Patrol a good % of them are candidates for Neutra System. They sure could not run after an illegal.

    We are going to have to do something if we are to stop this invasion.

    How long will it take vigilanties to round up all these illegals and kick their ass out. BTY, babies of pregnant illegals should not have Citizenship if born here illegally. They can't stay as they will over runn our schools, Hospitals and handouts.

    For those in Communities around the Country stake out the schools and grab the illegals, same with the ER. Get the kids out and the adults will follow.


    If anybody has some ideas on how to survive this invasion speak up or forever hold your mind.
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    Better talk to Gov. Grisham (D-NM), Gov. Ducey (R-AZ) and Gov. Newsom (D-CA).
    While everybody is concentrating on Del Rio, TX, I'm sure the cartels are flooding other crossing points too.

    Jimbo, I can answer every one of your questions.




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