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Should Vaccine Deniers Get Free Monoclonal Antibodies?

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    Originally posted by labrador12 View Post
    Rat was remarking on the cost of covid treatment to help sick unvaccinated individuals. I was comparing the cost of career criminals committing further felonies resulting in multi-billion dollar riots because of police efforts to control said felons. The Ill are less responsible for their illness than the felons are responsible for committing further felonies. George Floyd and his felonious ilk are causing more loss of treasure, pain, and death than a virus. Eventually the virus will be defeated, but evil and crime and perversion will be with us till the end of time.
    Lab I realize there are tons of low lives out running around causing havoc who would do well with 15 years hard labor until they grow out of it, but that wasn't the subject of my post. I was asking about Bubba's besty in the photo.


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      To be more accurate though, your morbidly obese patient should be black. More lacks and Hispanics are non vaccinated than whites and Asians.




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