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Clinton lawyer Sussmann indicted by Durham Grand Jury.

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  • Clinton lawyer Sussmann indicted by Durham Grand Jury.

    To tell the truth I doubt that anything will come of this. During the last decade it has become abundantly clear that Democrats do not face any legal jeopardy in this country. Democrat politicals, and their relatives and fellow travelers are immune from legal harm or even harsh criticism. After this past decade, I don't see any justice for a Democrat that isn't moving in the neighborhood of 3000 feet per second.

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    I got two words for ya.

    Andrew Cuomo

    Keep the faith Brother.


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      Kevin Clinesmith, the FBI lawyer who submitted the fake email to the FISA court is getting his law license back to practice before the DC Bar. I don't think a crime exists that Hunter Biden could actually get arrested for. Andy Coumo is a millionaire and is in no real legal jeopardy.


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        Just trying to stay optimistic, nobody else thought Prince Andy would be dethroned either.


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          I lived in NY for 65 years. It never got any better. When I was a kid I had a pocket knife in my pocket from the time I was 8 years old. The politicos in NY just keep turning the screws. Upstate citizens are the enemy under the reign of this Hochi cootchi girl just as it was with Dandy Andy. The Dems just keep turning the screws in DC too.




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