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    Other than the cartoons, what were your favorite TV shows growing up? This is actually somewhat outdoor-related, since I bet certain shows were more popular with country kids than they were amongst the city folk.

    Mine were:

    Grizzly Adams
    Little House on the Prairie (yep, I'm not afraid to admit it. Half-Pint ruled.)
    Magnum PI
    Simon and Simon
    The A-Team
    Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard, Tweekie)
    Battlestar Galactica (Lorne Greene)
    Bonanza (speaking of Lorne)

    It wasn't a series, but I remember loving the TV movies Mountain Family Robinson and Across the Great Divide. Good outdoor / survival adventures.

    (Some of you fellows, if TV hadn't come along yet when you were kids, feel free to talk about radio programs. )

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    Jack Benny. I was related to Dennis Day.
    On TV, I liked Jackie Gleason and Sid Caesar.


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      You're trying to get me to show my age now! LOL! 😃!

      Wanted: Dead or Alive
      Have Gun - Will Travel
      Sky King
      The Beverly Hillbillies (Donna! 😍😘)
      McHale's Navy
      just about any of the PI shows.
      77 Sunset Strip (Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb!)
      Honey West
      Drag Net ("Just the facts, ma'am.")
      Highway Patrol (Broderick Crawford)
      Sea Hunt

      Swiss Family Robinson
      Pink Submarine
      any of the "Beach" movies with Tony and Annette.
      The Great Escape
      Stalag 13
      Bullit (the greatest car chase of all time!)
      The Graduate
      Love Story (Ali McGraw was to die for!)
      The Deep (Jacqueline Bisset underwater in a white T shirt! 😛)

      Gotta quit! I can go on and on! LOL!
      Last edited by FirstBubba; 07-29-2021, 06:36 PM.


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        Not one mention of Hee Haw 😞


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          Gunsmoke ( I still watch reruns) I'm not interested in any new tv shows.

          Magnum pi
          Simon and Simon
          Battle star Galactica
          Buck Rogers
          A- Team
          Miami Vice
          ​​​​​​​Tour of Duty

          I also like the mini series Lonesome Dove.
          ( Still Do)


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            Originally posted by Danbo View Post
            Gunsmoke ( I still watch reruns) I'm not interested in any new tv shows.

            Magnum pi
            Simon and Simon
            Battle star Galactica
            Buck Rogers
            A- Team
            Miami Vice
            Tour of Duty

            I also like the mini series Lonesome Dove.
            ( Still Do)
            Except for "Gunsmoke", I was married when the others came out! LOL!

            Trivia for you, danbo!

            No peeking! 😃!

            What was the name of the original "Gunsmoke" series?


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              Marshal Dillon?


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                Most of yours Matt

                Cool Factor;

                The Rockford Files
                Starsky and Hutch
                Baa Baa Black Sheep
                Riptide (had the pink helicopter “The Screaming Mimi”)
                Hardcastle and McCormack

                Guilty pleasures;

                Dukes of Hazzard
                Knight Rider
                Air Wolf
                Happy Days

                Honorable Mention;
                F Troop
                Hogans Hero’s

                Absolute Top Spot;

                Last edited by fitch270; 07-29-2021, 09:02 PM.


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                  Since Rock Rat mentioned it I’ll give props to three that were staples of family TV, although not my favorites.

                  Hee Haw

                  Little House on the Prarie (Mom stilll has that one on almost every time I stop in)

                  Drum Roll……….

                  The Waltons


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                    All the war ones. 12 o'clock high, combat, hogan's heroes. Plust gunsmoke of course, Lone Ranger, F troop. Daniel Boone. Nothing much after mid 73, never had a TV except for the odd night in a hotel or at a friend's house. I don't think I missed much.

                    Not much country on TV anymore. The WWII generation wasn't that far removed from the farm, if they didn't grow up on a farm their parents did. Not anymore.


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                      Wow Matt, that is going way back. I have a hard time now of recalling what I had for dinner last night........
                      But I will give it a shot. Before I was into TV, because there was none, my favorite radio program was The Squeaking Door. When TV finally caught up it was:
                      Drag Net
                      The Texaco Show with Red Skelton
                      Alfred Hitchcock Presents
                      Gun Smoke
                      Little House on the Prairie
                      Happy Days
                      Anne of Green Gables
                      Bob Newhart show
                      There are several others that I can not now come up with a name but can see the actors, one is with Ron Howard as a kid and his father was a cop and Aunt Bea,,,,,, also a program set in England of two veterinarians who were country vets.
                      I am sure I will think of others after I finish this ‘important’ question, but right now my mind is a frazzle !


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                        Originally posted by Danbo View Post
                        Marshal Dillon?
                        DING! DING! DING! ....and we have a winner!


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                          More from radio days:

                          Inner Sanctum
                          Jimmy Durante and Gary Moore
                          George Burns and Gracie Allen
                          Fibber McGee and Molly
                          Duffy's Tavern, with Archy the manager
                          Fred Allen
                          Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy
                          Henry Aldrich (coming, mother)
                          Jack Armstrong, the All American boy
                          Last edited by 99explorer; 07-29-2021, 11:18 PM.


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                            Nobody mentioned Sky King or The Shadow.

                            I went to school with Annette Funicello, her brother was a good friend in School.


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                              fitch270 - Hee Haw was the country version of The Laugh In.

                              Bhr - The Andy Griffith Show.

                              There were several "variety" shows that highlighted new talent and established stars. The Ed Sullivan Show was a biggie.




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