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    Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post

    Wrong on both counts. Apparently you did not read where I said no Govt involvement. Also, I don't care what color they are - you are the rascist thinking I was talking about negroes.

    Read over what you write before you post and maybe you won't make so many stupid mistakes.
    Avoid and deflect ain't working this time.

    THIS IS your statement
    "... The child, if necessary, should go to a family to raise and take care of or else be aborted. I am not in favor of single parent households at all. ..."

    Do you even think about what YOU write?!

    A mother is in a delivery room in labor when the doctor walks in and says, "Bad news, your husband was killed in a car wreck on the way to the hospital to see you.
    Since that leaves you as a single parent, you must either give up your child for adoption or I'll have to abort it.
    That's the only 2 options you have.
    You've got 2 minutes to decide."

    This is about the most idiotic crap you've come up with yet.


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      Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post

      That has already been done with Covid. Those who had predictable poor outcomes were taken off ventilators so others with better chances might survive. It is in a way triage and Dr.s are making the call.
      So jimbo..... euthanasia by exclusion of care? ...and you're okay with it?

      You gonna be the one who plays God and decides WHO lives and WHO dies?

      You're pathetic.


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        Originally posted by Danbo
        You make the assumption that all poor single parent kids are becoming gang bangers or free loaders. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        Anybody who is really worried about inner city kids could volunteer at boys and girls clubs or start a Boy Scout chapter. They need men in their live to show them the right way.
        Did you do that, or don't you care about inner city kids?


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          My 40 year old brother is a single parent after a bad relationship decision. He works hard providing for the two of them and just gets by. He’s a stand up guy doing what he can and being a good dad.


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            Originally posted by fitch270 View Post

            I’d add to that make it more advantageous for those working low income jobs instead of giving full rides.
            You bet. It used to be hard to adjust for income, now we have computers and we should be making it incentivized so those folks who do go out and work doing whatever they can are rewarded. Heck of a lot of people working in Walmart and fast food, it's not easy.


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              Jimbo was not referring to the exception to the rule, but to the multiple generations of women who never worked, never married, got knocked up in high school, went directly on Welfare, got their own place and raised their daughters to believe that this alternative lifestyle was acceptable.
              I remember reading a long time ago about a family that had seven generations of women on Welfare in this manner.


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                One contributor to family breakdown, which soon spread to the poor and working-class white family, may have been welfare expansion. Cash welfare in meager form existed since 1935, and some welfare expansion took place during the Kennedy administration. But under Johnson’s Great Society, which began in 1964, benefits became substantially more generous and came under greater control of the federal government.

                In the words of Harvard’s Paul Peterson, “some programs actively discouraged marriage,” because “welfare assistance went to mothers so long as no male was boarding in the household… Marriage to an employed male, even one earning the minimum wage, placed at risk a mother’s economic well-being.” Infamous “man in the house” rules meant that welfare workers would randomly appear in homes to check and see if the mother was accurately reporting her family-status.

                The benefits available were extremely generous. According to Peterson, it was “estimated that in 1975 a household head would have to earn $20,000 a year to have more resources than what could be obtained from Great Society programs.” In today’s dollars, that’s over $90,000 per year in earnings.

                Last edited by 99explorer; 07-25-2021, 04:09 PM.


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                  The scam I have heard about the Mother goes to Child Protective court and says I can not take care of the child. Is there someone who can - yes, my Grandma. Court gives Grandma cusstody and about $1300 a month. Daughter repeats as many more times as she can until Grandma is making tons of money each month. Baby father stayes away so Mother can continue scam. If he is identified she may lose the money.


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                    Originally posted by PigHunter

                    Not my concern. That's just something else I've no control over. Going to keep having fun and keep acting like I don't know it's going on. Life's too short to worry over such.
                    I'm concerned, pighunter.

                    I'm concerned about people who think euthanasia (exclusion of care) is acceptable.
                    I'm concerned about people who would rip a child away from a loving single parent simply because the parent is single.
                    I'm concerned about people who would force an expectant, unwed mother to get an abortion....simply because she's single.
                    I'm concerned about people who would openly deny a single parent a child simply because they are single.
                    Especially people who live in America.


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                      Originally posted by PigHunter

                      Chill, like me, Jim has no power over the situation. He's just venting his frustration. Peace, this is not worth arguing over
                      Good point PH. An opinion was expressed and countered, arguing will do no good.

                      I also think it’s possible to be concerned about something without getting to the level of worry. Que Sera Sera.


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                        This was actually a philosophical discussion that never got off the ground because of hostility.


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                          Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
                          This was actually a philosophical discussion that never got off the ground because of hostility.
                          I don't think it is philosophical, rather Societal


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                            Holly shit. This went off the rails fast. I was raised by single mother in the eyes of the law from age 5-11. She did have boyfriend for 4 or 5 years they lived together. He was a huge influence on me a good influence I might add. Skipping a lot details she met and married my step dad who adopted me at 14 years old. I took his last name. My two oldest kids were raised by a single mother and myself until her I got married. Single mother’s are some of the hardest working people I know. It’s also what motivates me to work the way I do. I watched my own momma not eat to feed me during hard times. And she will never be without as long as I’m above ground and able. I turned out ok for guy raised buy a single mother. I’ve never taken one nickel of government money. I own and run a successfully business and still keep a full time job. I pay more in taxes most years than most folks make before taxes. Because I was raised by a single mother and have been poor as hell. I will never be that way again.

                            One of my daughters is a single mother. Her and the father are together but no plans of being married. She’s only 22 bought herself a new car and house last year. Without his help she doesn’t want or need his help.

                            Anyways I was raised by a single mother as was my wife. My youngest was raised by a single mother which she’s on her way to her bachelors for being an RN in three years not 4. And on the fast track program for nurse practitioner in 6 years not 8-10.

                            My oldest daughter is my operations manage and in-line to inherit the business.

                            Not to bad for a bunch of drains on society raised by single mothers slackers.

                            Almost forgot middle girl just got a salaried promotion to a mangers position that is supposed to require degree.

                            My apologies somethings just get all over me and this one did. But I still respect your right to have your opinions.

                            And with out discussions none of us learn anything.


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                              That is what makes this a philosophical discussion.
                              Last edited by 99explorer; 07-25-2021, 10:09 PM.


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                                A woman of my acquaintance who was divorced and remarried went to work in a library.
                                On her first day, she was explaining her marital status to her co-workers, and one of the younger girls exclaimed, "Wow! You got TWO guys to marry you?"
                                That cracked me up.




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