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Non-Liberal Millenials?

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  • Non-Liberal Millenials?

    This article is kind of generalized, but interesting.
    Millennials Are a Lot Less Progressive Than You Think | Opinion (

    And moving down into the next demographic, I've known quite a few students who have less and less interest with the political efforts being pushed on them. For example, a local college professor is always creating programs or "initiatives," in which he and his students will visit high schools or youth organizations to encourage their "activism," that sort of thing. A lot of kids just don't go for it, and word around the campfire is that participation in those things has gotten steadily lower.

    Makes me wonder if there's a glint of hope for the future. I think maybe the activism crowd has overplayed its hand in some cases. Nobody likes to be treated like they can't make up their own minds. Even if there's not really a shift across the political spectrum, I think maybe there's some movement away from the brainwashing.

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    The impending degree of ‘brainwashing’, or its degree of importance, all depends on the perceived importance of those making the attempt by those who the attempt is on. The more influential the ‘brainwasher’, the more dangerous they are, such as college professors, teachers or people of stature ! Young people are quick to accept ideas of those that they think are intelligent. That is why colleges are such ‘hot spots’ for liberals and their twisted rhetoric !




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