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    Delta Cases Blanket U.S.; GOP Changes Tune on Vaccine; Cats, Dogs, and COVID | MedPage Today

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    Originally posted by PigHunter
    No longer interested in Covid threads... that horse was beat to death months ago. Just a couple of days ago I put 99explorer and rock rat back on my ignore list because of their handling of the topic. Definitely no longer interested in what they have to say.

    But, I'll play this game for a little longer. Here's some reading material for you:

    Are recovered COVID patients more protected than the vaccinated? | The Times of Israel

    "Citing very preliminary data, Channel 13 reports that those who recovered from COVID-19 may be better protected from reinfection than those who received the vaccine.

    "Since May 1, 72 people who previously had COVID were infected again, accounting for 1 percent of confirmed new cases, while 3,000 who were vaccinated have been infected — 40% of confirmed new cases.
    Just click on by.


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      Originally posted by PigHunter

      Well, I could have and will probably do so from now on. But don't you think it's interesting the vaccine is not providing the protection we've been told?
      There is a lot of conflicting and incomplete data out there, you are almost on your own. I did ask my Dr. about J&J I took, about taking a booster and she said wait till the fall.


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        Here is another take on the natural immunity question. Not yet resolved.

        This goes to show how more studies are need to prove that patients who had a natural infection may obtain a great deal of protection and need not get a COVID vaccine.


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          They will continue to work on improving the vaccines.
          Personally, I would prefer to have the vaccination level of immunity over the natural level by way of infection with the virus.
          Because someone acquires the natural immunity by infection and survives by dumb luck does not make him an authority on the subject of immunity.


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            Originally posted by PigHunter

            Well, I could have and will probably do so from now on. But don't you think it's interesting the vaccine is not providing the protection we've been told?
            Says who? Any scientific studies? 95% means 5% breakthrough cases, out of 100 million vaccinated there will be some infections. Massachusetts had a few thousand breakthroughs they know of and just under 200 fatalities from the breakthroughs.

            Of course most breakthroughs probably go undetected. I'd think most are from mandatory tests. To get operated on typically you get tested 3 days before. Some businesses require regular testing, less controversial than telling people they have to get vaxed.

            Not everyone who is dying is unvaxed, just 99.7% of them.

            I don't know if we'll ever reach herd immunity, I haven't even heard any theoretical numbers for the Delta variant. For regular covid they figured maybe 80%, maybe Delta is 90% or more?

            A careful reading from reputable sources yields very few surprises. Anecdotes are not the plural of data. Quoting some talking head making a leading statement in the form of a question is not a reputable source. "Moon really made of swiss cheese? Experts won't say, weather and local news at 11"


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              I wonder how close we are to herd immunity if you add the number of recovered covid patients who are naturally immune to the vaccinated total.
              For example, a state with a total population of 10 million people might have 2 million naturally immune people by virtue of infection, and another 5 million vaccinated people, for a total of 7 million immune people, or 70% of the population immune to the virus.


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                "CDC estimates 1 in 3 Americans have been infected with COVID-19."



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                  Those are actually encouraging numbers. I think Delta will cause some problems, but it's so virulent we should end up with quite a high percent either who have had the virus or are vaccinated.


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                    We don't have any handle on the number of people who fall into both categories and are counted twice, like Donald Trump, who was infected AND who also got the vaccine shot.


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                      Should start a list of Republicans who have come to Jesus on vaccines.
                      Tucker Carlson

                      Desantis did a hard 180. His state has numbers that are really headed up, and it's a big state. 1 out of 5 new infections are in Florida.


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                        Originally posted by PigHunter

                        Well, I could have and will probably do so from now on. But don't you think it's interesting the vaccine is not providing the protection we've been told?
                        It is working. Hospital and Death are down. Where do you get your info ?

                        Wait till China releases another designer virus on the World.


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                          Originally posted by PigHunter
                          Here's another one for you I just read:

                          Delta Variant: Natural Immunity 700% Greater Protection Than Shot, Data from Israeli Govt. Shows -

                          "In Europe, there is no correlation between level of vaccination and covid infection - if anything, nations with more vaccinations are currently seeing higher case rates. The argument appears to have shifted from "vaccines prevent infection" to "vaccines prevent serious illness".

                          "It is simply criminal for the global governments to suggest in that those with deeper and broader natural immunity should risk the side effects of a vaccine that is now expected to wane in effectiveness. Much of the focus now is on scaring people about the “Delta variant,” but it could very well be that the vaccine effectiveness was bound to wane (unlike what they predicted with natural infection) over time, regardless of the mutations."
                          You take a flu shot every year don't you ? The vaccine was always thought to mainly reduce hospital stays and death. If you looked at Immunology 101 you would see the total immune system is much more than a vaccine. Think of the vaccine as starter fluid to rev up your system and a produce genotype of a spike protein so your body will recognise it next time it sees it.


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                            • Overall, we rate News Rescue Right-Center Biased and Questionable based on a lack of transparency, poor souring, and the promotion of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

                            Detailed Report

                            Reasoning: Lack of Transparency, Poor Sourcing, Propaganda, Conspiracy Theories
                            Country: Nigeria
                            World Press Freedom Rank: Nigeria 115/180


                            Founded in 2007, News Rescue is an anonymously run Nigerian news and opinion website. They completely lack transparency as they do not have an about page, name editors or owners.

                            I'm going to hope that Pig was simply trying to deflect from the source of his story. Like maybe it had a flakey name "Wing Nut Daily" or similar. I certainly hope he doesn't regularly read a Nigerian conspiracy theory web site owned, operated, and written by anonymous sources. Of course they probably write totally legit stories too, but if they have an offer to make millions from a defaulting bank his brother the prim minister works as,,, ,well maybe a hard pass.


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                              Originally posted by PigHunter

                              Nope, I don't take a flu shot. I'm just a lowly engineer with two master's degrees and don't know nothing about anything when looking at data and reading research results.
                              Says the guy who links to a Nigerian conspiracy web site. LOL, masters degrees out of a cracker jax box. Out dancing and drinking during the height of the biggest wave of infections in the US, brilliant.




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