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Path to citizenship.

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  • Path to citizenship.

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) told members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that he is “actively exploring” ways to grant citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants via budget reconciliation, two people familiar with the discussions told the New York Times.

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    There are many immigrants in this country who have never applied for citizenship.
    I knew a man born in Canada who lived and worked in this country for
    the rest of his life shortly after serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a young man.
    He married an American girl, but never applied for citizenship, and he enjoyed all the privileges of citizenship except voting.
    I think most people don't realize that there is an option short of full citizenship that would permit us to admit immigrants without swelling the ranks of the Democratic party.
    But all we hear about is the "path to citizenship" as if that were a necessary step in the immigration process.
    I think most of the immigrants would not care about that as long as they were permitted to enter the country and stay here.
    They just want to be "legal residents."
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      As a matter of fact, there are approx. 13 million " lawful permanent residents" in this country right now who are eligible to apply for citizenship.




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