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Just a little food for thought, for those who trust vaccines...........

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  • Just a little food for thought, for those who trust vaccines...........

    EU Vaccine Injury Reporting System Shows More Than 330,000 Adverse Events Following COVID Vaccines

    Health Impact News compiled the latest data on reports of COVID vaccine injuries and deaths in EU countries following vaccination with all four COVID vaccines approved in the EU for emergency use.

    Every week
    The Defender publishes the latest data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) on injuries and deaths reported after people received one of the three COVID vaccines that have received Emergency Use Authorization in the U.S.

    VAERS, which operates under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S. In the EU, suspected drug reactions are reported to
    EudraVigilance, which also tracks reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID vaccines.

    Health Impact News
    compiled the latest EudraVigilance data on reports of COVID vaccine-related injuries and deaths and found — as of April 17 — 7,766 reports of deaths and 330,218 reports of injuries following injections of the four COVID vaccines approved for emergency use in the EU: Moderna, Pfizer,AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, marketed under the Janssen brand.

    The Health Impact News report broke down the data by vaccine, type of injury and country.

    According to the report, injury and death report totals for each vaccine were:
    • Pfizer-BioNTech: 4,293 deaths and 144,607 injuries
    • Moderna: 2,094 deaths and 15,979 injuries
    • AstraZeneca: 1,360 deaths and 169,386 injuries
    • Johnson & Johnson (Janssen): 19 deaths and 246 injuries

    Cardiac and blood/lymphatic disorders were among the most commonly reported injuries.

    According to its
    website, EudraVigilance was launched by the European Medicines Agency in 2012. Reports of suspected adverse events are submitted electronically to EudraVigilance by national medicines regulatory authorities and by pharmaceutical companies that hold marketing authorizations (licenses) for the medicines.

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    Numbers are likely higher for less severe issues. The tinnitus in my left ear is still acting up after a week but hasn’t been reported yet. I have a physical in about a week and will be discussing it with the doc then.

    Still, I don’t see the point of being afraid of the vaccines anymore than the virus itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if pre-existing conditions factor in equally. Data is all well and good but accurate assessment of the numbers is more important for making personal decisions.

    If I was a female in the 18-45 range I certainly wouldn’t be getting the J&J shot from what I’ve read. Don’t know if they’ve figured that out yet.


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      If I was under 50 I wouldn't be getting the vaccine. I never got the flu shot until I became a cancer surviver. At 70 with copd and cancer and travel plans including the Alaska Marine Highway I got vaccinated. Young and tough don't need it.


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        Children's Health Defense is an American activist group mainly known for anti-vaccine activities. Much of the material put forth by the organization involves misinformation on vaccines.[1] It was founded and is chaired by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.[2] Established under the name World Mercury Project in 2016, it has been campaigning against various public health programs, such as vaccination and fluoridation of drinking water.[3] The group has been contributing to vaccine hesitancy in the United States, encouraging citizens and legislators to support anti-vaccine regulations and legislation.[4][5][6] Arguments against vaccination are contradicted by overwhelming scientific consensus about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.[7][8][9][10] The group is a registered 501c3 nonprofit.[11]

        In other words bat ***t crazy bonkers nutters, and these are the folks you want to believe? CRM you should take up knitting or matchbook collecting, reading CT from nutty groups will just drive you further around the bend.


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          I'm neither 'young' and/or 'tough' any longer! 😜!

          I can remember, in days of yore, when people were chastising the FDA for taking "years" to 💉💊✔ok a drug.
          The FDA always came back with "years of clinical trials and exhaustive testing to be certain of safe drugs".
          Of course, we all know that even then, they weren't ALL safe!
          This COVID-19 b.s. hit overnight!
          Because liberals needed something to beat up Trump with, it became a political "hot topic" rather than just another "ho-hum, it's a virus. wash your hands, stay away from sick folks, don't go to work sick, etc, etc", to an "OMG! It's a worldwide pandemic!"

          The news media and liberals set up a howl for Trump to "do something"!
          "You want a vaccine? We'll get you a vaccine!"
          The drug companies did just exactly what Trump asked and the liberals of the world wanted!
          "Made" a vaccine!

          NOW we're seeing just WHY the FDA of yore took so damned long okaying drugs! Side effects don't show up over night! Adverse reactions take time!

          I still say, "They ain't sticking that stuff in me! Not willingly anyway!"


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            Originally posted by PigHunter

            Bubba, what will you do if you're told your Medicare and SS benefits will only continue if you take the vaccine?
            First, cutting off Medicare will save us nearly $300/mo.
            Secondly, I'm not on SocSec. I'm on a private retirement plan.
            Even then, I'm still not taking the vaccine.


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              Trump got the vaccine after being infected, so did his wife. Trump didn't do this because he loves needles, he did it for the extra boost to his body's ability to fight the virus.

              Trump decided the virus was a political problem, when it was a medical one. Cost a lot of lives and cost him an election as well it should have. He killed a lot of Americans.


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                That is like saying that the gun was responsible for the death of the murder victim.


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                  Trump made the best out of a bad situation. The China virus isn't dangerous to any healthy young person. You are more likely to be stomped by a moose or eaten by a bear than to be killed by this virus if you are young and tough. The scum sucking elitist media blew this Chinese disease into a political problem for Trump. He did things for us, not to us.


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                    "Many of the cases and deaths were avoidable. Instead of galvanizing the US populace to fight the pandemic, President Trump publicly dismissed its threat (despite privately acknowledging it), discouraged action as infection spread, and eschewed international cooperation."


                    "40 Percent of U.S. COVID Deaths Could Have Been Averted If It Weren't for Trump."
                    Last edited by 99explorer; 05-04-2021, 03:11 PM.


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                      NY’s numbers are as bad as most countries. Hard to blame Trump for Cuomo’s policies.


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                        Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
                        NY’s numbers are as bad as most countries. Hard to blame Trump for Cuomo’s policies.
                        Democrat Governors infecting nursing homes with the China Virus hardly was Trumps fault. Over 40% of the total China virus deaths were in nursing homes. Trump was the cheer leader in chief, Coumo and Democrat pals were killing grandma with nursing home policy.


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                          It cost him the election.


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                            It cost him the election because the media lied and schemed to deny him reelection. Democrats received golden showers of reporting on their wonderfulness. Hunter violated every norm, perpetrated every felony, and received nothing but fluffing. Americans have been badly served by our multi trillion dollar elitist media. It sucks to be the citizens today.


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                              Well, I see our bandicoot is still falsely blaming Trump for “Many cases and deaths were avoidable” ! If the ‘children’ of America are so stupid that they must be told by daddy (the president) just what they must do, then this country is a lot dumber than I imagined. One person is not capable of convincing everyone how to take care of themselves. It is up to each person to learn what is the best way to proceed in the management of their own welfare and accept their own responsibility in doing so ! Damn bandicoot, do you need to be told daily not to play in the road or not to sit on the double yellow line ?? Grow up !




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