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  • Diversion

    I think all this speech debate is to divert attention away from the massive spending the radical left is proposing. This is a giant give away to all the low economy minorities. $15,000 to illegals - give me a break. You people that voted for this administration are going to be hurt the worst.

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    It just goes to prove what the dimwit party thinks about the American citizen ! When they can give a alien illegal immigrant $15,000 over a struggling citizen during a pandemic, they are only rubbing America’s nose in it. Talk about a bunch of low life bastards !! One needs to look no further than our biden administration to see the real enemies of this country !




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      Politics has become a total money issue. The ‘dark money’ that was spent on the biden election was in the hundreds of millions of dollars ! The dimwits...
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      by FirstBubba
      jimbo, your Senators are Sherrod (d) and Portman (R).
      Sherrod is a real piece of work. The epitome of a liberal worm.
      Portman is a pretty...
      Today, 08:09 AM

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