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Bad news for the GOP.

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  • Bad news for the GOP.

    The declining membership in the Republican Party is taking its toll among educated voters.

    I think the mob attack on the capitol building was the last straw.

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    Petitioning the government for redress of injury is a capital crime these days. College educated voters will vote for the candidate that will keep the riots from their house. They want to be eaten last!


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      I think the Republicans are looking in better shape for the next couple of elections, a lot in 24 depends on who they run. Rs have made gains with Hispanic and to a small extent black voters. Many Republicans are also making overtures to the working class. Rubio supported unionizing Amazon that is owned by the liberal Bezos. Republicans have room to grow with the much larger demographic that isn't happy.


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        Rat you are assuming HR#1 isn't passed. After HR#1 is passed mail in votes will totally rule. Validation of ballots will be a non issue and the Democrats will cheat there way to the next revolution.




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