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    What is your routine to stay in shape during the off season ?
    In two months it will be a year I have been staying in the house. Only go out for groceries or apts. or to camp. I have had a couple of Physical Therapy 12 week sessions - 2 or 3 times a week apts and that really keeps limber. In addition they teach the exercises for me to work on areas that I need to. I like to swim but have decided to stay away from spas. Not sure if they are even open.
    The latest on the U.K. mutant virus is that it IS 30% or 40% more deadly than the virus in the U.S. Be safe out there and get your shot. Even with shot keep your mask and distance until the all clear sign from Health Dept. Any antibodies you have will help if you get the virus but is not 100% you won't get it.
    We need to get to 75% vaccinated to get herd immunity or we will be dealing with this in 2022.

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    It's not off-season for me. I've got a couple more weekends for deer and then another month for small game season. By March I'm in good condition.

    However, my usual 3 trips a week to the gym has been interrupted and I need to get back to it. Pulled an upper back muscle canoeing/hunting last weekend and decided to stay around the house this weekend for a chance to heal.

    Besides the gym, I use a push mower at home and do all my own yard work. I'm in the middle of replacing the wood fence in my backyard. After that I'll plant 20 trees, digging the holes by hand. Then I'm going to build a low retaining wall in a wash area. Late Spring and into Summer will be a deck expansion. I would like to start riding my bicycle again.

    I'm not worried about Covid in any form. I had it in March and probably went through a renewal of anti-bodies at Christmas. Not planning to get the shot until at least June.


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      Long walks of five to 15 miles on the weekends, on hilly logging roads and sometimes hiking trails. Nothing like a few inches of snow to jack up the exercise factor. I'll be doing it after work, each day, too, as the daylight gets longer. Easy drive out of town right after work to some state land, easy to keep hiking shoes and warmer clothing in the car and change when I get to the parking spot.

      And like the Swine Slayer said, I don't really have an off-season. I usually small-game hunt through the end of February, and also do some wood-cutting here and there at the family camp sites. And normally, I keep up with the long walks all year long. Fish in the morning and evening, hike in between, that sort of thing. I've always liked to simply walk and have found that it's as good for your mind as it is for your body.
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        I have a work out buddy, and we meet several times a week to train together. I have been eating cleaner (reducing carbs and sugars).
        I have been living life as normal, as I was before 2020 ever happened.
        I was living that way in 2020 as well.
        Been losing weight slowly and consistently.




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