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Utilize your "ignore" list.

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  • Utilize your "ignore" list.

    I have three regular users on my "ignore" list.
    If there was EVER a cogent argument for putting them ON your ignore list, this is it!

    "... Originally posted by rock rat View Post
    Whenever I come across mention of her I click on to something else. It takes me a while for a name to be remembered, but I've got that one now. No good comes of me reading anything about her. ..."

    No truer words have been spoken than by the man who spoke them!

    "...No good comes of reading any post by rock rat, 99explorer or OntarioHonkerHunter...lest you allow them to stir up hate and discontent..."

    Personal crusade?
    I guess...sorta. But how much more blatant can you be that you have NO desire to unite.
    NO desire to even consider other points of view.

    To secure my point of view, THIS post was waiting after I posted this!

    "...posted by OntarioOntarioHonker
    Bubba, I don't even bother opening your links anymore. They're all from the same BS "hate" fake news propaganda sites. ..."
    Last edited by FirstBubba; 01-20-2021, 09:31 AM.

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    I've had them blocked for months.


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      I've had 99explorer and rockrat on ignore for many months too, probably since August or September. Got no interest in anything they post.

      99 is an idiot and seems to be in mental decline. I wish someone would take the old coots computer away.

      Rockrat is just plain boring and manipulates facts to suit some weird agenda, probably out of boredom. I'm not even remotely interested in the garbage he posts.

      I still read and respond to OHH.


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        I'm blocked but Blubber quotes something I posted yesterday. That's it Blubber, I'm cutting out your welfare payments.


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          I never look without logging in so I can't see ignored posts. Well I looked today and saw the three idiots still talking about Trump. Do you have nothing good to say about Biden or do you lead such miserable lives that all you have is hate?

          I won't make that mistake again.


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            Danbo -
            You make a lot of mistakes.


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              Danbo goes to the beach with Sanders




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                by FirstBubba
                If "Sleepy, Creepy" Joe can't be trusted with the nuclear football, he needs to go.

                '06, I'm not sure I'd even trust Bite-me with...
                Today, 05:16 PM
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                by jhjimbo
                Is it true, Harris the call girl, is trying to get the nuclear codes away from Biden ?
                She probably wants to bomb Syria like Hillary wanted to do....
                Today, 02:46 PM
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                by FirstBubba
                "... Sm and Lg primers $9/100. 100 limit per visit. ..."

                I'd be running in and out of that store like my pants were on fire........
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              • Reloading Components
                by jhjimbo
                A friend just got some components at a local gun shop and here are the prices. This is in N. Ohio
                Sm and Lg primers $9/100. 100 limit per visit....
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                by FirstBubba
                I like those lone wolf!

                About 1.25" long in yellow or silvery grey with a small black streak down each side would be awesome crappie...
                Today, 04:58 PM

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