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Bad news for Canadian elders!

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  • Bad news for Canadian elders!

    You get old and sick, the gummint (Trudeau?) has his medics put you down, just like a rabid dog!

    Glad I don't live in Canada!
    Be assured, I WILL be contacting Inhoff and Lankford!

    P.S. - look for this out of "Commie-la"!

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    Is that what happened to honk the phony? Haven't seen any of his ridiculous posts or made up stories about the mighty honk in several days.


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      Originally posted by crm3006 View Post
      Is that what happened to honk the phony? Haven't seen any of his ridiculous posts or made up stories about the mighty honk in several days.


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        Eight states and Washington, D.C., have death with dignity statutes:
        • California (End of Life Option Act; approved in 2015, in effect from 2016)
        • Colorado (End of Life Options Act; 2016)
        • District of Columbia (D.C. Death with Dignity Act; 2016/2017)
        • Hawai‘i (Our Care, Our Choice Act; 2018/2019)
        • Maine (Death with Dignity Act; 2019)
        • New Jersey (Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act; 2019)
        • Oregon (Death with Dignity Act; 1994/1997)
        • Vermont (Patient Choice and Control at the End of Life Act; 2013)
        • Washington (Death with Dignity Act; 2008)


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          Bubba, I don't even bother opening your links anymore. They're all from the same BS "hate" fake news propaganda sites.

          You have no clue what's involved in getting permission to die in Canada. It's very difficult.

          People with ALS should not be compelled to wait till they suffocate to die. Is that what you would want? People with Huntington's disease should be allowed to bow out with a little bit of grace before their brain gets totally fried. I see what that disease is doing to my next door neighbour and it makes me cry, literally. Final stages of Alzheimer's will be extremely painful. No one should have to go through that. Similarly, the final stages of rabies are horrible. It's why we put down dogs infected. For humans the doctors simply give enough morphine to put them in a coma ... or give them a bit too much out of humanity. When my mom was in the final stages of brain cancer she was screaming in pain. Hospice overloaded her morphine I'm pretty sure ... so she could die peacefully. It's what we all want. Why should she have to wait till after she becomes a mental vegetable in total agony? What's the humanity in that?

          It is pathetic that you can take something you obviously must know is meant to do so much good into something that is bad just to promote your own stupid right wing agenda. I get so tired of your accusations of the mainstream media creating a selective false reality when you do it daily.
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