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Badnews on the stimulus checks.

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  • Badnews on the stimulus checks.

    Democrats this week took the biggest step in months toward reaching a stimulus compromise, but the proposed deal lacks another round of $1,200 direct payments for millions of Americans.

    Of the major proposals in front of legislators today, only House Democrats' HEROES Act includes a second wave of direct payments. The $2.2 trillion measure was passed by the House in early October but has since languished as Senate Republicans declined to back the bill.
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    A bipartisan group from the House of Representatives and Senate unveiled a $908 billion proposal, as GOP and Democratic leaders traded their own new offers, none of which includes another direct payment to most Americans.


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      Didn’t want the first one.


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        Yeah. Me too.
        Hate the damned stuff.
        Root of all evil.


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          Seriously. Our household income wasn’t affected at all, only thing we stimulated was the kid’s college fund.


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            Of the 900 billion they are talking about, only 180 billion would go to actual people, the rest is mostly pay offs and kick backs to businesses that make huge campaign contributions and other lucre. The 180 was to go to extend unempl benefits with an additional $300 per week.

            I too didn't need the $1200, but,, it's a real good way to juice the economy, between that direct payment, the extra $600 unemployment, most people spent the whole thing, and the money circulated through the economy. It's much better to spend that $1200 on a person knowing that maybe one out of twenty people will just save it, than to give it to businesses where just about the entire thing goes to someone's investment account wither it's the CEO or shareholders.

            Hey, isn't that socialism? When the government picks the winners and losers in business? Shouldn't they just let those businesses fail?


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              Don't worry Biden will get us in a war and that will boost the economy. His entire cabinet are hawks. don't they ever learn - lets send their kids first - including Hunter.

              I saved my check and have since spent it on several candidates in recent election.

              I also bought a indoor laser target practice system for my Sister and
              BIL complete with a laser for my caliber so I can use it to.
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                Rat, you’re leaving out the $1200 for your spouse and $600 per kid. $3600 in this house. Direct deposited.

                Hopefully it helps buy the kids the ability to pay it and 99’s share back someday when the rent comes due. With interest.
                Last edited by fitch270; 12-03-2020, 09:37 PM.


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                  Ok, $3,000 direct deposited. Got nothing for the 17 year old, fell into that donut hole. Above 16, but below 18.

                  Incomes rose 10%, personal savings went up 30%. It wasn't bad. We spend a lot more than that on corruption.




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