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Here is a little more food for thought.

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  • Here is a little more food for thought.

    Wishful thinking? Vast right wing conspiracy? Nutty as a fruitcake, or some hard solid truth that the lamestream media is afraid to report? Follow the link and decide for yourself.
    Full transcript of bombshell interview: Gen. Michael Flynn, Gen. Thomas McInerney with Brannon Howse – Identity of KRAKEN revealed

    Click image for larger version

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    First, here are some of the highlights from the McInerney segment that we thought we especially important.
    • HAMMER and various cyber weapons were previously used by the USA against other countries, now the weapons are being deployed against us. Obama is behind everything.
    • Creator of HAMMER and Scorecard is Denis Montgomery, former CIA analyst.
    • Fox flipped against America, deep state coup coordinators recruited the entire U.S. media and Big Tech to defeat the Republic and overthrow the U.S. Constitution.
    • The Dec. 14th deadline doesn’t matter. President Trump should not leave office until all the facts surrounding election theft are analyzed, including vote count distributions “caused by fraudulent electronic manipulation of targeted voting machines.”
    • The fact that all 5 battleground states stopped counting at the same time, “Demonstrates prior coordination by election officials in five battleground states.” Then they used HAMMER and Scorecard, plus Dominion, to move Joe Biden into the lead. It is a “mathematical impossibility” the way the votes came in. An algorithm was used.
    • In PA, 1.8 million ballots mailed out to people. 2.5 million came back in. Someone had a printing press and was printing them out.
    • The 305th Battalion military intelligence is “Kraken.”
    • China, Iran, Russia were all involved in manipulating votes.
    • Confirmed that US Special Forces Command seized servers from the CIA server farm in Frankfurt.
    • Confirmed there were US soldiers killed during the raid on the CIA server farm in Frankfurt. (As we reported in yesterday’s Situation Update.)
    • Chris Miller is Secretary of Defense because of the 305th Battalion. Consider why…
    • Chris Krebs at CISA committed treason and is part of the coup.
    • What went down during the election is TREASON at the highest level, not just politics.
    • Trump can maintain control over the White House, under oath, until a full investigation is complete, and there are no artificial deadlines that can stop him.
    • The President took an oath that obliges him to defend the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This is why he cannot turn over the White House to political puppets (Biden) controlled by America’s enemies (China, Iran).
    • The big evidence from the seized servers is going to come out at SCOTUS, not before.
    • Once caught, mid-level treasonous actors will point fingers at Biden and Obama, saying they were ordered to carry out the treasonous acts.
    • Georgia’s runoff election is already stolen by the Democrats unless we stop the vote theft. It’s just a digital theft for them. This means the Senate will be lost to the Democrats unless this vote fraud infrastructure is exposed and defeated.
    • A lot of instability is coming if we allow the government to be seized by communists.
    • All this goes up to the very top, implicating Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, Barack Obama and others.
    • Trump knew all this was going to happen and had planned for it.

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    CRM -
    You are a nut.
    So my vote goes to "nutty as a fruitcake."


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      CRM -

      On your item #6, the Pennsylvania overvote, here is the explanation.
      The number totals are mismatched.

      In a rather elementary error, this compares the number of mail-ballots requested in the primary to the number of ballots counted in the general. A straight apples-to-apples comparison finds that 1.8 million mail-in ballots were requested in the primary and 1.5 million returned, while 3.1 million ballots were requested in the general and 2.6 million returned.

      Either a simple screw-up or a lie disguised as a mistake.


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        Trump can not leave the WH until all facts are known and those responsible arrested. Trump is obligated to defend the Country and the Constitution both Foreign and Domestic against Treason and a Coup.


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          CRM -

          It looks like you've lined up one recruit for the revolution.


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            '06 wrote:

            "... hard solid truth that the lamestream media is afraid to report? ..."

            06, I don't think for an instant the LSM is "afraid" to report the long as it's "their" truth.

            The "alphabet" news anchors (Muir, O'Donnell, Stephanopoulos, Holt, Roberts, King, etc, etc) are no longer journalists.

            They are simply talking heads, or puppets, or parrots. Those people couldn't write a news article if their life depended on it.
            They are "actors"!
            Their producer shoves a paper in their hand or they read directly from a teleprompter. ...and make millions each year.
            They are "yes men".
            Just like the stone vermin and the pre '00 Ford. They are simply lickspittle boot lickers.

            "Screw America and Americans! Make me pretty and famous and put me on TV so the world can see how important I am!"


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              That quotation made me think of Donald J.Trump.


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                Great article crm ! I hope everyone here has a chance to read it. There are just too many people in the know, who are stepping up in their anger of what is being done in this election ! I could understand a few crack pots becoming involved, but this issue is drawing the ire of some very important people who are putting their necks on the chopping block, and there must be a reason they would take such a risk. With the power they are bucking, there is a good chance of jeopardy to them, and if events start happening to them, we will be confirmed of our thoughts of a stolen election. If even half of what is said in the article is true, there are sure to be some interesting happenings in the near future. But with the power of the people being stated to be involved, and the strength of ‘charges’, it might be a high hill to climb !


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                  I got as far as Michael Flynn, uhm, that guy got busted for lying about talking to Russians. Pleaded guilty. I mean he didn't just get busted and declared guilty, he pleaded guilty. I'm not real big on lying traitors or anything they have to say.


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                    Here's the straight scoop on our newest conspiracy:

                    No Special Forces soldiers were killed while seizing computer servers in Germany as part of a CIA operation after the presidential election. There was, in fact, no mission of the sort.


                    And members of the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion are not "the Kraken" that an attorney for President Donald Trump said last month she'd be unleashing. The unit is not involved in any post-election missions supporting the White House -- a move that would be highly unlikely considering it's an entry-level training battalion where new soldiers who haven't yet picked up their military occupational specialty are assigned.
                    Last edited by 99explorer; 12-01-2020, 10:30 PM.


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                      With China involved, who knows bhr?
                      The liberals have thrown all caution to the wind.
                      Maybe Sidney was right! There is gonna be some folks that's gonna need some protection!

                      Look, Trump had a 700k lead.
                      The libs and their minions stop the count. Everybody "knows" that Biden has lost.
                      Suddenly 4.5 hours later, Biden has pulled off an unimaginable, mathematically impossible upset of unimaginable, mathematically impossible proportions!
                      C'mon! Hand count 143K hand....with a reduced 4.5 hours? I don't think so Scooter!


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                        General Thomas McInerney is a serious man. Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Joe DeGenova, and wife Victoria Toensing, along with Jay and Jordan Sekulow, Rudy Giuliani, and Jenna Ellis are top of the line attorneys, with careers they are putting on the line in defence of the President against this fraudulent election scam. I don't see all of these people going all out in defence of what the lamestreams are calling an honest election. Especially, since the evidence just keeps piling up.
                        Again, they don't have to convince the public, though polls show that well over half the public is already convinced. They need to convince a court, whether it be a state court, state supreme court, or, ultimately, SCOTUS. The burden of proof is preponderance of the evidence*, not beyond a reasonable doubt.
                        What with state legislators pulling back certifications, recounts showing very questionable ballots, "lost" votes turning up, I think they will meet the standard.

                        *Preponderance of the evidence is one type of evidentiary standard used in a burden of proof analysis. Under the preponderance standard, the burden of proof is met when the party with the burden convinces the fact finder that there is a greater than 50% chance that the claim is true.
                        Click image for larger version

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                        Last edited by crm3006; 12-02-2020, 01:15 AM. Reason: Just found the little chart of confirmed misconduct, thought it would be a good addition.


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                          Just as a point of interest, it is the nay-sayers who are against any confirmation of the election results. Their hate of Trump is so obvious that they will in no way accept any thought of fraud in this issue being possible. They would rather accept the fact that our voting system can be possibly corrupted, and of no further validity in future elections, than see Trump be the winner ! They will accept any and all corruption over Trump ! Just what does that tell us about those who are seeking such power ?


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                            Bow hunter - You forgot that they just don't hate Trump they hate us. Hell some of them have called for Trump supporters to be sent to re-education camps! Moochele my belll said 73 million people voted for hate.

                            They may hate us more than Trump.


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                              Click image for larger version

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                              Click image for larger version

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