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    Bi nla den


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      "... the NRA itself is specifically designated as “social welfare organization” — or a 501(c)4 — and donations to such groups are not tax-deductible. ..."

      I think those in charge of such organizations are due some type compensation. Especially the kind of crap Dana Loesch has to deal with.
      Even as bad as that is, I think $100K/year should suffice. I don't want people working for my rights just for the money. I want people dedicated to the "cause"!


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        Why change America? People are not fleeing. As a matter of fact people try and sneak in here everyday,

        Strange that they found just enough votes to have Perdue go into runoff.
        The Dems are magic.

        Do any members On this site live in Georgia?

        Will they have mail in ballots for runoff?

        If Biden wins and gets to 50 do you think they would pack the court?

        I didn't think so,but now i do after hearing their plans for immigration. They want up to 100 million refugees to come. If that's the case no Republican could get elected dog catcher.


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          I wish I didn't just send them money.

          I now believe Wayne is using the NRA to pay for his lawyers.

          I heard from a friend in Georgia that the NRA had no field representatives on the ground for the Georgia runoffs. GOA had people out as well as other smaller groups.


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            I am glad the NRA is moving to Texas. Except, by he time they get there, so many liberal Dems will have moved there from CA the State will turn Blue. This whole Country will turn Blue as the immigrants and leftest Dems want a third world Country just like the one they left. They breed like rabbits much faster than WASP's so in a few years they will be majority.


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              The NRA is welcome to come to TEXAS, they are NOT welcome to bring wayne lapierre. He is the number one thing that is detracting from the NRA's former political clout, and the main reason that contributions have dropped to a trickle. They have even stopped the phone solicitations, or at least they have with me. I demand an answer to lapierre's outrageous salary and why he hired an anti-Second Amendment publicity/law firm, and have not received a call in almost two months.
              NRA Life Endowment member.




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