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  • Real possibility

    For the first time in this nations history, a Presidential nominee who has a slim chance of winning could be arrested before Inauguration Day.

    Hunter says you don't have to give me 50% like you do pop.

    I expect the FBI is on this like a fly on rat.
    Social media tried to cover it up but made it worse for the Biden campaign.

    I hear they have evidence of and photos that would sicken real Americans.
    The left is in near panic mode.

    I expect Kamala to distance herself from the Biden crime family in about a week.

    If elected he could be the first president impeached before his I inauguration.

    Three billion from Moscow mayor(Putin Puppet), who knows how much from the Ukraine,Billions from Chinese intelligence and military, and who knows how much from Iran. This is the real manchurian canadite.

    Vote Trump 2020

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    From Danbo: "For the first time in this nation's history, a Presidential nominee who has a slim chance of winning could be arrested before Inauguration Day.............."

    And the silence from the lamestream media is deafening. The lamestreams are so anti-Trump and in the tank for biden, it is sickening. Even after Tucker Carlson's ground shaking interview with Bobulinski, there is no investigation from any agency, no media outcry, and the polls still reflect biden as a winner, though by slimmer margins.

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      Did you ever think you would be alive while the Country is making History

      Nothing ever dull when Trump is involved - better than a soap opera.


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        FBI confirmed investigation of Bidens for money laundering.

        I suspect that's why Joe is faking dementia.
        He also ran for president so the campaign or government will pay his legal fees.

        i bet Bernie is mad at his campaign for not finding this dirt during primary's.


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          News flash -
          Adding insult to injury,

          Hackers have meanwhile stolen $2.3 million from the Republican Party of Wisconsin, looting the president'€™s re-election war chest in a key swing state in which he is polling 17 points behind Biden.


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            FBI investigation is old news.
            The FBI opened an investigation into HUNTER Biden and associates in 2019 on suspicion of money laundering, a Justice Department official told Sinclair Broadcasting.

            The criminal investigation is ongoing, the DOJ official said.


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              I doubt very seriously joe is faking his dementia. He has been in a steady, and noticeable, decline, back to the days when he was VP. His cognitive powers are negligible, and his physical decline is very noticable, also.
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                A lawyer on Joe Biden’s campaign team has said they are ready to deal with any attempt by Donald Trump to dispute the election outcome, and that “if he tries, he won’t succeed.”



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                  For the first time in this nations history, a Presidential nominee who has a slim chance of winning could be arrested before Inauguration Day.
                  A sitting president can't be charged, first you have to impeach and that takes a long time and I doubt it would happen anyway because the Rs have the senate.




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