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    Wow: Lindsey Graham Refuses to Issue Big Tech Subpoenas


    Lindsey Graham swore up and down that he would issue subpoenas against the Big Tech companies censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story. When news broke that some GOPers were starting to waffle and oppose the subpoenas, he promised that he would force them to approve it.

    Last week, the Judiciary Committee held a vote to give Lindsey Graham full subpoena power. He could force any tech company to testify whenever he wanted.

    Instead of issuing the subpoenas, Lindsey Graham sent Facebook and Twitter sternly worded letters, offering to let them testify voluntarily. Both companies responded that they would be willing to testify, but only after the election. And instead of forcing Facebook and Twitter to appear before November 3rd, he will let them show up sometime later in November, all but ensuring that these tech companies will continue putting their finger on the scale to influence the election.

    Lindsey Graham was not defeated. He gave up without even trying. He was given subpoena power to compel Twitter and Facebook to testify before the election and he caved, allowing them to appear voluntarily afterward.

    And Graham is now trying to claim victory...

    In 2016, by the time the election came around, more than 90% of Americans had heard about the Hillary Clinton email story. And the exit polls show that it impacted the race and helped secure Trump's victory.

    This time around, however, only 70% of Americans in swing states have heard about Hunter Biden's laptop and the many crimes discovered within.

    That is by design. The mainstream media is refusing to cover it. Joe Biden is refusing to answer any questions about it. And social media companies are refusing to allow people to read about it.

    We have a chance to put a stop to it. We have a chance to force these tech companies to stop throttling the truth.

    But Lindsey Graham isn't even going to try. He isn't even going to issue the subpoena.

    Lindsey Graham has had full power to issue subpoenas to Facebook and Twitter for almost a week and he never sent them out.

    And now, the GOP wants to adjourn. They want to leave DC and head home without actually issuing the subpoenas.

    It is up to YOU to rise up and stop this surrender before it's too late!

    Just today, Twitter censored President Trump yet again. Trump tweeted that his campaign is seeing problems and discrepancies with mail-in voting around the country. Twitter slapped a warning label on it, declaring that the President of the United States is lying.

    For thirteen straight days, Twitter has refused to allow the New York Post to regain control of its twitter account. The NY Post is the #4 most distributed newspaper in the country. It is now confirmed beyond any doubt that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden. Twitter, however, is refusing to allow the Post to re-enter their account until they agree to delete their posts on the Hunter Biden Story.

    To this day, Facebook posts about the Biden Crime Family continue to be throttled. They are refusing to let people learn about what Joe and Hunter Biden were up to.

    And it is obvious that this is being done for political purposes. The Facebook policy executive who decided to block the Hunter Biden/Ukraine story previously served as Vice President Joe Biden's Ukraine policy advisor. No joke. Of course she wanted to spike the story. She would have been implicated!

    It is absolutely shameful that Lindsey Graham refused to issue subpoenas to force Facebook and Twitter to testify before the election. But now, Congress wants to adjourn and go home, guaranteeing that these tech companies will be able to continue influencing the election.
    You CANNOT let this happen!
    Force them to issue the subpoenas!

    Max McGuire

    Conservative Daily <[email protected]>

    Once again lightfoot lindsey proves he is all hat, no cattle. Promises, promises, promises, but not enough action to stomp a pissant! I hate for this useless bastard to be defeated, it might change the balance of the senate, but how about the people of South Carolina have a recall election in December and replace him with ANYBODY that can at least fulfil a campaign promise or a declaration of intent every once in a while? I am of the opinion, and have been for a good while, that lightfoot lindsey is as useless as Texas' RINO Senator, john corny!

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    And yet we need him to win re-election.

    His defense of Kavanaugh in the hearings was the reason he was confirmed.


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      Talk about caught twixt a rock and a hard spot!
      Never did like Graham. He just looks cheesy to me.

      Did appreciate what Graham did for Kavanaugh.
      ...and what he did for ACB! I was perplexed that he went through with the Judiciary Cmte hearing. I thought he should just have had a vote and moved her confirmation to the Senate for a vote.
      In the long run, I'm glad he held the hearings and gave America an opportunity to see what a bunch of creeps the (D)'s REALLY are!
      When asked for her Senate confirmation vote, M. Hirono (D-HI) loudly proclaimed. "Hell no!" and stormed out of the Senate chambers like a petulant child.

      I did think it was funny when Trump released Graham's cell phone number! LMBO!
      Graham claimed he'd been "beat like a drum"!

      As badly as we all don't "like" Graham, I don't think we want the (D) that's opposing him for his seat.


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        No, I don't want a D (demoncrat), but that lightfoot has promised so much and delivered so little of it, I just tend to wonder what his agenda is. Right now he is the #1 Trump supporter, but who or what will he be next week? With lightfoot lindsey, you just never know!


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          Maybe you all don't understand how the legal process works. If someone isn't breaking any laws then we leave them alone here in the US. Just how things work. I know you all don't like that but it's just how things go. We also have the first amendment. You can say most anything you want, or you can not say what you don't want. You can write things if you want to or not write about things. If you have a web site like F+S or Facebook, or Twitter, you can let people talk about whatever you want to allow them to talk about. If you disagree with what people are saying on your web site you can simply delete it, or kick them off or whatever, First amendment, check it out.


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            Originally posted by crm3006 View Post
            No, I don't want a D (demoncrat), but that lightfoot has promised so much and delivered so little of it, I just tend to wonder what his agenda is. Right now he is the #1 Trump supporter, but who or what will he be next week? With lightfoot lindsey, you just never know!
            I agree '06.
            Oh, I think he will continue to be a Trump supporter.
            Graham does follow the conservative way, he just kinda paddles his own canoe.

            Limbaugh surprised me one day when he said he did not think they would ever indict Obama or HRC.
            His thought was that America just didn't go after past heads of state.
            I would like to see that trend reversed.
            I'm hardcore "all are equal in the eyes of the law"....regardless of their standing in society.




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