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The media is almost uniformly in the tank for the Democrats

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    Biden is keeping a low profile because he wants this election to be about Trump.
    And Trump is happy to oblige, relying on the old show business axiom that there is no such thing as bad publicity.


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      Originally posted by franchi20 View Post
      As far as liberal media supporting Biden, it was pointed out today on a well known national talk show, if there is nothing in the recent allegations against the Biden family, why hasn't Creepy Joe circled the wagons and started shooting back? Even PMSNBC won't rally behind Biden on this stuff.
      The Biden group has yet to deny or refute the material, they just complain that it's Russian disinformation.
      Biden's lawyer even called the repair shop and asked for the computer back!
      Sen T. Cruz (R-TX) crucified Twitter head Jack (what's his face?) over their censorship of the NY Post article on Biden & Co.
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        Emails sunk Shrillery, even the ones found on Carlos Danger's computer after the Russians couldn't find them.

        When will the Media, and i mean TV 24 hour live stream, realize they are wrong? But that's just me in my sane world. Someday, somebody will find me and try to convince me it was all a bad dream.


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          Even though I have stated nothing would become of all this biden stuff, I was still in my heart hoping I was wrong. I can see now, that is not going to happen. With our news media sunken to it’s present state, America is pretty much screwed !


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            Originally posted by bowhunter75richard View Post
            Even though I have stated nothing would become of all this biden stuff, I was still in my heart hoping I was wrong. I can see now, that is not going to happen. With our news media sunken to it’s present state, America is pretty much screwed !
            Bhr, About all we can hope for, in my mind, is that some media besides FOX (and they are questionable!) and Pat Robertson's CBN will wake up and realize America is tired of the lies.

            There are alot of "conservative" news sites, but there are tons of liberal sites too.
            Sadly, the visual media has the upper hand at the moment.
            Can you imagine George Stephanopoulos asking Joe Biden why he allowed Hunter to make business deals with Ukraine, Russia and China, especially while he was veep?

            ...or maybe Gail King explaining why BLM is a Marxist organization and why?

            How about Robin Roberts asking Lebron James how he can support China simply for his own financial gain when they are world renowned for their human rights abuses?

            ...or maybe Lester Holt asking WA, OR and CA governors why they allow the riots and looting to continue?

            ABC, CBS and NBC holding Gov Cuomo responsible for the "nursing home" deaths in NY.

            ...or any MSM praising Pres Trump for what he has accomplished.

            ...why Schumer and Pelosi can shamelessly hold their offices after the way they have treated a duly elected president..... whoever he/she is... simply because of party affiliation?

            ...or just hold the (D) party's feet to the fire over their push to socialism!

            You're right bhr, that'll never happen.
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              Did Joe Biden break the law? No, just like the banksters that crashed the economy in 08 didn't break the law, just like all the biased media isn't breaking the law. Until we make corruption illegal, people will take money from foreign governments. Until we regulate the bandwidth like the public utility it is we'll get Twitter deleting a tweet from the director of border patrol like it did this morning.

              Good laws enforced by good law enforcement help all in society. A Libertarian world is Somalia.


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                Bhr, in chasing my normal sites this morning,,, and others, I noticed a pretty common theme.
                Twitter's Jack Dorsey, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon's Jeff Bezos are all censoring the materials they allow on their websites.
                They all three allowed the "anonymous" source the NYT released against Trump in 2019, which proved to be a total farce, to be posted on their websites.
                They (FBI) have possession of Hunter Biden's lap top. The data it contains has been verified and documented, printed, verified by email recipients and other participants in the affairs.
                Yet Twitter, Facebook and Amazon refuse to allow verified information to be published on their sites!

                Their reasoning, almost to the letter, is that THEY can't verify that the data was not hacked and may be detrimental to the parties mentioned!

                ???? Didn't seem to bother them when the materials were "leaked", "anonymous", "unnamed sources" or "hacked" and were damaging to President Trump.

                Dorsey (Twitter) also allowed Trump's "hacked" tax returns to be published, which is a Federal "felony".
                Dorsey, questioned by Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) on the matter seemed totally nonplussed and opined that releasing "THAT" information was a service to the American public!


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                  In an interview with Chris Wallace Sunday, Ronna McDaniel, the head of the Republican National Committee, made clear on Fox News that she has no proof of the ongoing smear campaign against Joe and Hunter Biden, saying it was up to the press to verify it.



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                    If the city crazies leave the city, they will be struck down. Only a Democrat city government allows them to flourish. I'm not happy about it, but these people are living in a alternate reality.


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