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Bad news for COVID-19 "cases"!

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    From red rat: "CRM I think you are trying to put words in my mouth again."

    red rat, I have not addressed a single comment to you in this topic thread. I think, what with your comment about lying, you were either looking in a mirror, or thinking of the slimy nine. My parents raised me just fine, thank you very much, and I don't lie.
    Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't presume to try to put words in your mouth, because if you used my words, you would sound intelligent, which you prove daily on multiple occasions, that you are not. Have a nice day, red rodent.

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      "... Didn't your mom and dad bring you up right? Teach you not to lie and stuff? This lying only reflects badly on your parents, shows they didn't know how to bring up kids. ..."

      Apparently, yours did not raise you right.
      Raising a kid to be liberal should be considered child abuse!

      This isn't the first group of medical experts, not a bunch of Gov't goons with PhD's and a political script in their hand, to try to get the "real" truth out!
      As usual, you bunch of liberal liars prefer to scare people rather than be honest.
      Liberals have done absolutely nothing but prevaricate constantly.
      Last edited by FirstBubba; 10-18-2020, 09:03 AM.


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        Sorry CRM, my mistake, I apologize, it was Danbo.

        To tell the truth you all sound kind of the same.


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          Today was the day with the second highest number of infections ever for one day in the US, 75,000. We might be in for a good old time by November 4th.


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            There may be questions as to Trump’s handling of the virus, and with 75,000 new infections in one day, some may raise an eyebrow, or both. That is in a population of 350,000,000 people. France has had very strict guide lines, and yet with a population of only 63,000,000 they had over 40,000 new infections today ! There have been vast numbers of infections in the past 10 days in Europe, even with very strict regulations. Here in Germany where figures have been 300-400 a day the past 4-5 months, we are now over 15,000 a day. So it appears that no matter the different types of procedures to combat this virus, it spreads just the same. If biden thinks he has the answer to it’s control, I very much doubt it !!!! But, anything to get a vote, and he can not make the people do anything different than they do for Trump !


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              Originally posted by rock rat View Post
              Today was the day with the second highest number of infections ever for one day in the US, 75,000. We might be in for a good old time by November 4th.
              How does that compare with other flu epidemics ?


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                It is possible that this virus could wipe out the entire human population on the face of the earth.


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                  I spoke too soon, that was yesterday, today we did break the record, 79,000. I'd a lot rather have Germany's 15,000

                  Other places that are willing to restrict all movement in and out of the country, as well as place truly severe restrictions when infection does occur, are doing much better.

                  Taiwan when news first broke inspected every person on the flights that were incoming and cancelled all further flights only slowly allowing returning nationals. Vietnam, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore. They all used different methods, some contact tracing, others masks, and when they had flare ups they dealt with it. They all had national plans and followed them, plans from epidemiologists. They all made large sacrifices in their GDP. We value businesses over people, and so we kill people.

                  We are soft. People don't like spending time with their kids so they want schools to open. They want to go get drunk and eat at restaurants. It's winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Bad time for respiratory diseases.

                  Statisticians say excess deaths are at around 300,000. People who avoid hospitals for that ache in the chest and die of heart attack, undiagnosed covid, suicide, murder, OD. If enough people die it becomes not just the ones in nursing homes, not just the obese, not just the elderly, that rare 30 yr old mother of 3 who jogs is replicated and soon there are thousands of rare deaths.

                  And no, at this point I doubt Biden will be any better. He'll cave to cries of "freedom" because people can't go party like they used to. The vaccine will come when it will.

                  G W became very concerned after 9/11, asked smart folks what is the thing that could kill millions of us, so he got all prepared, got a plan, gathered resources, scientists, early warning methods, funding got taken during Obama, congress thought it a waste, Trump pulled back the early warning resources, then tossed out the playbook. Disaster. People laugh at us, pitty us.

                  I voted for the guy (this time) but he was the worst guy for a pandemic.


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                    Hospitals are reaching capacity across the entire country.



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                      Dr. Fauci says Trump hasn't attended a coronavirus task force meeting in several months.



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                        83,000 I'm actually quoting numbers from the day before. Weekends are usually slow, shouldn't be any high numbers again until Tuesday.

                        Our state now has an R rate of 1.5


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                          A record daily high of coronavirus cases was reached in the United States on Friday while President Donald Trump was on the campaign trail promising voters a quick end to the pandemic.


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                            What the media leaves out.



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                              Well, I have traveled fairly extensively in Oklahoma this trip up, picked up a new puppy, and been in several stores, restaurants, gas stations and other businesses. Even one Wally World. Mask use is either on the decline, or deader than whiny nine's nuts. Not many people wearing them in Texas, either, despite greg grabbit's gubernatorial edict, which is blatantly unconstitutional, either by the Texas or U.S. Constitutions.
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                                This third wave seems to be no fun. Trump could care less, he has an election to lose in less than 2 weeks, after which he has a very limited time to do any covering of tracks and burying of bodies before January and Biden.

                                I'm also wondering where this wave will peak. Prior waves were localized, people would notice their hospitals overflowing, the cities shut down except ambulances, neighbors dying, and they'd get scared and fly straight. This one is spread out all over hell and back. small cities all across the upper midwest as well as all the background infection of a thousand here a thousand there.

                                I follow Trump on twitter and notice he makes big announcements of sending protective wear to New Hampshire or some other place. Like maybe they have run out or are having a run on hospitals while everyone is writing their lates orange man bad or Biden Boy does drugs stories.

                                I saw a graph of global cases. The world kind of mimics the US with countries being states. A country will shut down and cut back on cases and infection springs up elsewhere. The R is at about 1.2 or 1.3. It's not like March at 2.5 or 3 but it's exponential none the less. Click image for larger version

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                                the red is R, the blue is daily number of cases, soon to be a half million more a day if it isn't already. Figure 5 to 10 % of infections are identified, and it totals 5 or 10 million doubling every couple three months? and remember that's per day, 10 million per day is 300 million per month.

                                I don't think we are out of the woods yet. I'm not sure what a post pandemic world will look like. There will be a lot of vaccinations within a year. There will also be tons of flare ups among the unvaccinated, maybe not so different from measles except deadlier.




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