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...and the walls come tumbling down!

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  • ...and the walls come tumbling down!

    Well, we KNOW 99, rat and Honk will poo-poo this off!

    Seems the FBI's guys are having a meltdown.
    They are buyi h job insurance and the air is full of texts of what was happening with Flynn and to take down Trump "at any cost"!

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    Yep. The federal bureau of iniquity has surely not just stepped in the bear trap, they is done an stuck their head in the beartrap!


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      Posted on another thread, but worth doing twice.

      From #1 Bubba: "bagasse - the fibrous pulp of sugar cane after it's been processed to remove the juice for sugar/syrup production."

      The same could be said of shrimp heads, wheat chaff, or the output of the federal bureau of iniquity. The emails revealed by the Daily Callout and the Federalist show that fbi agents actually purchased liability insurance to protect themselves because they knew that the information they were working with was false. This leads right back to the Oval Office with obummer, joe biden and james comey present, among others. susan rice, for one.
      Then there is the small matter of every one of the hit squad, I mean "investigators" on the robert meuller special prosecutor team, wiping their cell phones. These people need to be stood up in front of a wall and shot!


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        As much as I hate to agree with most of the comments in relation to that article, there will be no action of a punitive nature taken ! Since every name was detracted, how would it be known who to bring charges against ? I do not think there is anything that could at this time bring any charges to a D party member, or ANY past obumie connection ! I really have no faith in any of this seeing the light of day !


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          bowhunter75richard- I doubt it too, but, it may get wray fired.(Needs to happen.) Possibly, through what means of persuasion I don't know, a whistleblower will emerge from the dark swamp that is the federal bureau of iniquity, and testify to the dirty details. However, like you, I don't have much hope. The deniers will be out in full force screaming "fake news."


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            I think crm that we see democrat whistleblowers outing republican issues because they feel safe in doing so. I am not too sure the same safety is felt by those who would dare blow a whistle in regards to a democratic issue/fault/unlawful act ! It is a sad fact to make, but there is a dark side to be concerned with, such as the Clinton side.


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              You don't go home and start cleaning fish after catching 2 or 3 then go catch a few more.
              You fish until you catch a "mess"*, THEN you go home and clean the catch.
              Give them time. Per Limbaugh, the investigation is ongoing.

              *how many fish is a "mess"?


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                Trump's associates were caught and convicted one at a time.
                The analogy fails.


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                  [COLOR=#f1c40f][QUOTE=99explorer: "Trump's associates were caught and convicted one at a time.
                  The analogy fails."[/COLOR]

                  The site bandicoot has decreed. Thus it must be! (Why are moronic imbeciles allowed keyboards?)
                  For preceding bandicoot post!
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	117715738_2342924776015319_9154231900145522268_n moron alert.jpg
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                    Where is the FBI?

                    SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

                    Aren’t interstate movements of guns, drugs, cash, and violence kinda what the FBI exists for? According to the
                    FBI, this is their primary investigative function.

                    They are to protect the U.S.A. from domestic and international terrorism, public corruption, organized crime, and violent crime, according to their website.

                    What, exactly, does the FBI think is going on right now across Democrat run cities in the U.S.? Do they not think it’s organized, funded, and violent? Has anyone heard a peep from FBI Director Wray about this?
                    In the words of the mainstream media: Mostly peaceful protestors throw a mostly peaceful Molotov cocktail at the Portland Police.

                    — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) September 24, 2020

                    I wonder if this sort of action is classified as violent, according to the FBI.

                    Why is it that the FBI could run a spy operation on a sitting President, using foreign spies as intel, but they apparently cannot spy or gather intel on a bunch of drug addicts and anarchists who are flying across the country, wearing the same uniforms?

                    These Antifa and BLM idiots are using
                    U-Haul trucks and unloading them out in the open, yet the FBI seems confused about where to start.

                    Two more police officers were shot last night in Louisville and, over a lie once again, streets were set ablaze. A
                    police station in Missouri was set on fire as well.

                    It's always in urban areas run by Democrats. Yet, with all these lead pieces of evidence the FBI remains stagnant and quiet and impotent on the issue.

                    There are two reasons that I can think of why this hasn't been handled. Either the FBI is incapable or it's complicit. Not too long ago, in 2016 and 2017, they were capable and complicit. Has anything changed?


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                      I think the FBI has its hands full rounding up friends and associates of Donald Trump.
                      It took 29 agents to arrest Roger Stone.



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                        [QUOTE=crm3006;n749784][COLOR=#f1c40f][QUOTE=99explorer: "Trump's associates were caught and convicted one at a time.
                        The analogy fails."[/COLOR]

                        In response to the site’s idiot bandicoot, what trivial issues Trump’s associates were convicted of, pales in the face of what the associates of the dimwit party, and obumie himself in particular have done, many including national security issues ! What is in front of the country at this time concerning the FBI and CIA are of much more serious matters and affect the nation as a whole. But a bandicoot probably has a difficult time in relating the importance of issues due to mental deficiencies!!


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                          I believe the activity that gave rise to General Flynn's conviction was secret conversations with the Russian ambassador concerning relief from sanctions imposed by Obama for Russia's interference in U.S. elections.
                          Unknown to General Flynn and Donald Trump. the conversations were recorded by the FBI.



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                            Conversations happen all the time with incoming Administration's.
                            The fact of the matter is the Trump team has no obligation to keep Obummer policies.

                            I know that hurts your feelings pajama boy.

                            The funny thing here is the rats are turning on each other! Enjoy the show.


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                              Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
                              Trump's associates were caught and convicted one at a time.
                              The analogy fails.
                              You mean setup with process crimes.




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