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biden corruption! This is some serious stuff.

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  • Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post
    Remember the old line, "Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus."

    In the mind of a child, Santa Claus is real and actually exists.
    Therefore, in the mind of a child, Santa Claus DOES exist.

    It isn't until maturity sets in and the implausibility of Santa Claus becomes reality that we understand the childhood fantasy.

    (D)'s never mature and stay in that childhood fantasyland.

    Socialism and socialized medicine have NEVER, in the history of man, EVER succeeded. You can only suppress the human spirit so long.
    Sadly, the social experiment that is America doesn't seem to be faring much better.
    So SANTA is fake😢😢😢😢😢😢😢


    • Originally posted by Danbo View Post

      So SANTA is fake😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
      Not if you REALLY believe and be a nice boy all year. But by some of your previous postings, I'd say you're in danger of having your bubble burst this year. 😥
      Maybe next year. 😇


      • "So SANTA is fake"

        Oh ye of little faith, and an overload of cynicism! Santa exists, and is proven to exist, every Christmas! Santa exists in spirit in every rich Uncle, every indulgent parent, every successful sibling who gifts something unexpectedly on those who deserve, but don't expect.
        Santa exists in police and firefighters toy drives for less fortunate youngsters.
        Santa exists for the soldier in a far flung land who receives a holiday package and mail from distant relatives, or total strangers.
        Santa exists in toy drives, food drives, and clothing donations for disaster victims, for those less fortunate during the holidays, and for children everywhere.
        So, you really believe Santa doesn't exist? He exists in everyone willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, and He is needed year round, even though he is more visible around Christmas time.


        • ....and the evidence just keeps building!
          Where the heck is the media?


          • Yep. I saw the Bobulinski interview on Tucker Carlson tonight, and it was absolutely damning. Bobulinski gave first hand account of both the biden's dealings, but the most chilling part was when asked if he feared for his safety. He replied that he had hired an ex SEAL team for security. Sounds serious. Also, that he had been promised protection by the federal bureau of incompetence. Sounds laughable! For all he knows, the corrupt federal bureau of iniquity could be in on the biden's crooked dealings.


            • CRM -
              That last sentence of yours has the makings of a great conspiracy theory.
              It would be even better if you can work George Soros and Bill Gates in on it:-))


              • Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
                CRM -
                That last sentence of yours has the makings of a great conspiracy theory.
                It would be even better if you can work George Soros and Bill Gates in on it:-))
                Conspiracy Nah !! Click image for larger version

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                • "For all he knows, the corrupt federal bureau of iniquity could be in on the biden's crooked dealings." (My sentence.)

                  From the deranged bandicoot: "CRM -That last sentence of yours has the makings of a great conspiracy theory."

                  Actually, silly, whiny nine, that isn't a conspiracy theory. It is a fact that the fbi has become corrupt, inept, and is politically motivated. james comey, disgraced former director of the federal bureau of incompetence, clearly made a case that hitlery clinton had committed criminal acts, then failed to file charges. To top this, he lied to the President, conducted a patently false investigation until he was fired, intimidated and coerced witnesses, and made up evidence. So, bandicoot, there is your conspiracy theory, which is backed by more facts than your asinine belief that the President is a Russian puppet, or that joe biden is a better choice.
                  Bandicoot, you should either seek psychiatric help, or just have yourself committed to an institution for the mentally ill, immediately.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	christopher wray.jpg
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                  Picture of second string incompetence, liar and obstructionist.


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