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Trump Ends News Conference When Asked About Lie

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  • Trump Ends News Conference When Asked About Lie

    Of course reporters couch such questions in niceties by calling them "false statements".

    And Trumps history with journos being what it is they have numbers on the 150 times he has repeated the lie. I think Trumps ability to force everyone in the room to ignore his lies is one of his greatest vulnerabilities. His mind has no boundaries, the most idiotic ridiculous thoughts can become reality.

    In this case it was Trump's repeated claim that he passed the Veterans Choice Program, which was introduced by McCain and Sanders and signed by Obama in 2014. What Trump did do is pass the VA MISSION act which expanded eligibility criteria for the Veterans Choice Act, but Trump repeatedly claims he passed the act itself. By Name. 150 times he's made the claim.

    So a reporter when called on at a presser asked him why he was making the false claim. He tried to go to another reporter but the reporter followed up and asked him again. Se he left.

    Wish they'd ask him about Covid being gone by April, or other "false statements".

    Oh well, despite all this he might well win re election.

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    The nut job believes his lies.




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