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Red state death rates lower than Blue state death rates.

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  • Red state death rates lower than Blue state death rates.

    The death rates from COVID-19 in Red (conservative), more open states, is much lower than in Blue (liberal) states that "locked down".

    rock roach, this is a conservative website, unfit for you to peruse.

    p.s. thank goodness I live in a Red state! Thank you Gov Stitt!

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    The total number of deaths is much higher in blue states too. Freedom isn't hazardous to your health. Democrat Government Controls are hazardous to your health.


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      Red States Are Just Underdeveloped Blue States

      Blue states simply have higher population density.
      As cities continue to grow in red states, those cities will become more blue, and ultimately, those states will become more purple, and then blue.

      If you follow the red state trend lines, you can clearly see that any dense, fast-growing cities that emerge in red states will be very likely to vote blue. The few that do already exist already vote blue.

      Red state voters generally prefer low-density housing, prefer to drive cars, and are sensitive to gas prices. Once population density gets to a certain level, behaviors switch: high-density housing is the norm, public transit becomes more common, and gas use (and price sensitivity) drops. Red state values are incompatible with density.
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        You should cite when you post something that is someone else's work. It's pretty easy.

        Is Population Density the Key to Understanding Voting Behavior?
        Dave Troy
        Aug 22, 2016


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          Amflyer -
          I always did that up until a couple of days ago, when someone complained about too many links being posted. Some people didn't want to read entire articles to get the point.
          So I decided to post excerpts at first, and then just lifted them without accreditation.
          Now I'll go back to posting links until I get another complaint.
          You can't please everybody.




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