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Send this to every true American you know.

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  • Send this to every true American you know.

    If you know any Commies, send it to them to.

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    We used to attend the "Stockyards Championship Rodeo" every Friday and Saturday night.
    The opening ceremony was a very pretty young lady on a gorgeous palomino mare carrying the American flag.
    She would enter the arena with the mare in a walk.
    When Greenwood sang, "...and I'm proud to be an American...", she would kick the mare into a trot.
    The next time Greenwood started the chorus, she kicked the mare into an easy canter.
    When Greenwood repeated the chorus the last time, the mare was in a dead run, flag flying!
    When the song ended, the girl sat atop the mare, dead in the center of the arena, crowd roaring its approval!
    You'd have to see it!


    "God Bless the USA" is as iconic to Lee Greenwood as "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" was to Charlie Daniels!


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      jimbo, this isn't the young lady that did the flag presentation when I was going there, but still very impressive!


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        There are millions of true Americans who live in this great country because we love it, are loyal to it and live here because we are free ! Those who want to change it for the rest of us because of their dislikes, I only ask, if you are not happy here, why are you still here ? Just get the hell out, you will not be missed and you will be happier elsewhere, but not as fantastically happy as we when you are gone !!!




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