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  • Who do you trust?

    Robert Mueller?
    Jerry Nadler?
    Adam Schiff?
    The House Judicial Committee?

    Have you ever had mail lost?...misplaced? ...undelivered?
    ...folded? ...stapled? ...mutilated?
    We all have.

    Do you honestly "trust" the USPS, hopelessly in debt, to handle millions of ballots without a single "blip"? What if it's YOUR ballot that is lost, stolen and manipulated or delivered late?

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    My rifle, my pony, and me.


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      Donald Trump votes by mail.


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        Originally posted by Amflyer View Post
        My rifle, my pony, and me.
        Winchester, S&W, Ithaca 37, my Labradors, my wife and me. I've got a couple of Wilson Combats that I trust too.


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          Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
          Donald Trump votes by mail.
          Absentee Ballots and voting by mail are very different critters. The level of fraud possibility is orders of magnitude different too.


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            In God we trust. All others pay cash.


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              I wonder if "chain of custody" rings a bell with the (D)'s?

              I mark a paper ballot and feed it into a reader. Early, absentee or polling day.
              AND.....I make them check my ID and voter registration.


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                What's this?????
                Those among us who claim to "vote by mail" (talk to my friends before filling out my ballot and mailing it in!?) and advocate for "vote by mail" are reluctant to publically state that they implicitly "trust" 🤔 the USPS to deliver their precious ballot on time, unaltered and undamaged??


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                  Yes. I trust the U.S. Postal Service to deliver my precious ballot on time, unaltered and undamaged.


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                    Seems NYC June elections, due to "mail-in" ballots, STILL hasn't been called due to missing ballots.
                    ...and here it is, the first of August.

                    Still haven't seen any libtards or anybody else claim they "explicitly trust" the USPS with their "mail-in" ballot?


                    from the article.......

                    The Times published a story headlined "Mail Carrier in West Virginia Pleads Guilty to Attempted Election Fraud." Then it was forced to report from its own city on July 17. The headline and subheading were blunt: "3 Weeks After Primary, N.Y. Officials Still Can't Say Who Won Key Races: Tens of thousands of absentee ballots in New York are still uncounted and many races have yet to be called. What will November look like?"

                    Two Times reporters lamented it was "absurd" that ballots had been barely counted: "In the 12th Congressional District, where Representative Carolyn B. Maloney is fighting for her political life against her challenger, Suraj Patel, only 800 of some 65,000 absentee ballots had been tabulated." Even now, the Associated Press hasn't declared a winner between these Democrats.

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                      Here is another voice against prescribing HCQ for treatment of COVID-19.





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