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  • Is It Or Isn't It ?

    I thought the Handy Rifle was out of production. In Outdoor Life article on top 10 deer rifles the Handi Rifle is listed.
    Last edited by jhjimbo; 07-06-2020, 05:21 PM.

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    I dunno jimbo?
    The article says it was updated Aug of 2017.
    If I'm not mistaken, Marlin acquired H&R and then Remington acquired Marlin/H&R.
    I was also under the impression the "Handi" was no longer made.
    It really is a shame. The "Handi" is a really good beginner gun and an all around beat and bang around "truck" or "farm" gun.
    Oh well!


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      Remington quietly phased out the H&R / NEF Handi-Rifle in early 2015.

      Harrington & Richardson (H&R) dates back to 1871 and went out of business in 1986. H&R 1871 Inc. was formed in 1991 and ceased production in 1999. In 2000, Marlin purchased H&R 1871, also acquiring the New England Firearms and Wesson & Harrington trademarks. As you may know, Remington purchased Marlin in January 2008.

      H&R started producing single barrel shotguns in 1901. Of course the Handi-Rifle is a descendant but I can't find out when they were first produced.

      The Handi had a resurgence about 15 years ago when Mississippi primitive weapons deer season regulations were amended to include single-shot cartridge rifles designed before 1900. While the Handi hasn't been around that long, the design dates back to somewhere in the 1800s. The regulation was amended again in 2013 to allow any legal weapon on private property, except during the early, antlerless-only season. The regulation went into effect in 2014 and the market effect was immediate with the sales drastically dropping. Granted, Mississippi wasn't the only place where they were sold but apparently the accountants at Remington didn't think the line was profitable enough to keep.

      CVA filled the low priced single-shot market with its Hunter models but they are being replaced this year with their Scout models. I purchased and gave a CVA to my step grandson and was not impressed with the workmanship. But the rifle was functional and would no doubt be adequate for most deer hunting here in the Southeast.

      Henry single shot rifles are relatively new on the market and I like their looks. They'll run you about $400 if you can find one. I'm hearing Henry is like other manufacturers and are having trouble delivering product to dealers.
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        Very interesting pighunter!
        Three big pluses in my book.
        1) iron sights
        2) top snap vs. H&R push button
        3) D&T for a scope

        Downer in my book.
        I'd like to see a .22LR and maybe a .22 Hornet. Split the difference! A .22 Mag!
        Maybe even bring back the "Triple Deuce". (.222 Rem)

        I like single shots in small calibers.


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          I wish First Blubber would stay off my posts. He comes on with nothing to say or diverts the thread in a non related direction. Why post only to say you have nothing to add?


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            Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post
            I wish First Blubber would stay off my posts. He comes on with nothing to say or diverts the thread in a non related direction. Why post only to say you have nothing to add?
            Why do you want to be an old sorehead jimbo?

            Besides, it isn't YOUR "posts.". When you post on here, it belongs to Bonnier Corp.




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