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  • How to beat them!

    So how do we beat them?

    Step one is to understand the nature of the fight. It's not one of right and wrong, though that's how they like to disguise it. It is one of power. Give them nothing. Concede nothing. Stop trying to be reasonable with people who think a reasonable compromise is just impoverishing and disenfranchising you instead of stashing you in a gulag or worse.

    Are you still trying to prove to them you aren't "racist?" Why? You aren't, so the hell with them. You owe them no assurances or excuses. They'll just claim your denial is more proof. You're "fragile" if you surrender and you're "fragile" if you don't, so stop playing their game. You don't have to prove anything to jerks who spew the same species of racial garbage Goebbels would have spewed, only with different names.

    Step two is to understand the enemy and the information operation it's running on you. The total number of these shrieking punks is infinitesimal, probably under 1 percent of the population. But the mainstream media seeks to make them seem pervasive and overwhelming by covering them 24/7, and it expects you to fall for it. Don't. Look out your window. Except for that whiny woke wine mom down the street with the handwritten lawn signs parroting the slogans du jour, the one whose husband you often see weeping in the window, you are looking at peace and calm. That's the reality, not the chaos in a few square blocks of occupied Grungeburg, Washington.

    Don't allow yourself to be demoralized. Victory is at hand. The media's polls are meant to crush your spirit, but ask yourself – do you know a single person who voted for Trump in 2016 but is now thinking, "Gosh, we need Grandpa Badfinger – he'll get the economy moving again even though he helped preside over nearly a decade of ennui?" Or have you had people who whisper to you, because they fear cancellation, "This time I'm voting for Trump?" I know zero of the former and a number of the latter. How about you?

    Don't fall for the lies. Reject their goal of breaking your will.

    Step three is to impose your will, ruthlessly and fearlessly, because this is our country and to hell with these schmucks.

    It's time for us to riot, not in the streets, because we have jobs and we're not going to destroy our own stuff, but at the ballot box. That's where we lay waste to their Venezuelan dreams. In the primaries, vote for woke conservatives, not establishment saps. And then in November, vote straight Republican down the ballot.

    Sure, much of the GOP consists of spineless saps eager to join Mitt Romney – father of the Miracle Whip box set of sons Tagg, Tugg, Togg, Skip, Skoop, Skup, Freen, Ween, and Peen – in donning the latex and gimping out for the pleasure of their WaPo masters. But the nice thing about those cowardly sissies is that we can ensure they are more afraid of us than of the leftists they yearn to obey. We can fire them, and then they'll have to get real jobs. This prospect scares them even more than a mean tweet from that desiccated crone Jennifer Rubin.

    Finally, step four: Stop making sense. Unless it's directed at the unwoke, making sense is a waste of your time. This is about power. Time to use yours.
    Kurt Schlichter
    Last edited by FirstBubba; 07-02-2020, 11:33 AM.



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