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Bad news on the COVID-19 front

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  • Originally posted by rock rat View Post

    Well as you can see from my post twice as many in congress that were infected were Republicans. I don't think Republicans are stupid. Not taking basic precautions became a badge of loyalty to the Republican Party. That agenda was set from the very top, repeatedly, on TV, Twitter, and everything in between.

    Trump had some great policies, and he did me a lot of good, covid is and was an abysmal failure.
    That may be, but the thousands being infected everyday certainly are not all R’s.


    • "coronavirus cases in Israel are finally beginning to decline from record highs after it vaccinated 27% of its population."


      • Biden's team reportedly realized after inauguration that Trump really had no vaccine distribution plan.

        Biden's team expected to find major flaws in Trump's distribution plans when they arrived at the White House on Wednesday.
        But "one of the biggest shocks that the Biden team had to digest during the transition period was what they saw as a complete lack of a vaccine distribution strategy." As one source put it, "There is nothing for us to rework. We are going to have to build everything from scratch."
        And the lack of a plan "is just further affirmation of complete incompetence" by the Trump administration.
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        • Originally posted by bowhunter75richard View Post

          That may be, but the thousands being infected everyday certainly are not all R’s.
          That's very true. I hardly know anyone who has been infected. But then mostly people I know have some money, follow the news, and take basic precautions. Politics hardly seems to matter.

          Talking to fork lift guys down at my suppliers they know lots of people that have been infected. I think big families in one house, letting young adults out to party, that kind of thing, eventually catches up. Most remark about how mild it has been.

          Over on Hunt Talk there's a multi page comment thread about people and what symptoms they had, some guys got it pretty bad.


          • We now know the reason for Trump's deceit about the seriousness of the pandemic:

            "Former President Donald Trump’s business empire lost significant revenue during the pandemic, as the virus and the failed response to it cost his own interests money, according to a financial disclosure document released after he left office Wednesday."


            "Most of his core golf and hotel properties saw steep declines as the virus and lockdown restrictions kept consumers home and suspended discretionary travel."

            "Overall, the net impact was negative, with Trump’s declared revenue falling from a reported $445 million to $278 million."
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            • The downward trend in infections is even being mentioned in major news sources. Average daily numbers have dipped below 200,000 for the first time in 3 weeks, though deaths have been above 3,000 for 2 weeks. Deaths will have to fall at some time with as few infections as we're getting.

              Vaccinations are moving along with lots of stories of problems, but total vaccinations averaging just below a million per day and probably soon to be exceeding that number. A new vaccine from Johnson and Johnson could be ready in as little as 3 weeks adding millions of doses to what's available.

              Anecdotally people seem more concerned of late, more masks, less socializing, that's only what I see, might have no relation to reality. Also anecdotally there's a strong reaction to the second dose of moderna, not enough to keep anyone from taking it, but enough to cause doctors and nurses to miss work for one day. Sore arms, general feeling of malaise like having the flu. And those are nurses who don't want to skip work at all as it causes those who remain to have a harder time. Just the same, everyone took the vaccine, even the ones who never get the flu vaccine, even those who said they wouldn't.

              Edit, corrected second sentence to read 200K instead of the 2 million I posted by mistake, too many zeros.
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              • Vaccinations for the seasonal flu usually ran about 3 million a day.

                The U K mutation is 30% to 40% more deadly.

                Some experts say IF we don't get daily vaccinations up we will be dealing with a more deadly, mutated Covid-19 virus on into 2022.


                • Originally posted by rock rat View Post

                  Bubba posts here often, he can read and write, plus there are none of those kinds of requirements. SS is all encompassing, anyone unable to support themselves qualifies.
                  I seem to recall Bubba bragged some time ago about being on a pension plan that supersedes social security, something like the railroads have.


                  • Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post

                    Since steel wheels first rolled on steel rails, passenger service has been a fiscal wreck. Right now, AMTRAK is a huge Gov't boondoggle.

                    ...and we don't need Gov't jobs (cops/street cleaners), we need private sector jobs. Like those "useless" industries that will fail due to the liberal hoax of shutdowns, masking and social distancing.

                    The Coronavirus is with us. It will never go away. Masking simply delays exposure to create herd immunity.
                    Testing is insanity and a waste of time for health care providers and money on tests ($100/ea) that are seldom correct and results take 4 to 10 days. By which time, the subject can get a negative test result and be postive by contact.
                    A university has developed a test that cost +/-$2 and the result is available in about 10 minutes.
                    The FDA won't okay the test! ????

                    "... Don't you remember, we can do anything, we are America. ..." roachrot

                    We sure can! If we could just get rid of (D)'s who hate America and liberals who want "Socialism"!!

                    "... (D)'s who hate America ..."
                    The Constitution is an old, outdated document that needs to be updated!" - B. Obama
                    Interesting. As I recall you are a retired govt servant water sanitation worker. So we don't need cops but sanitation workers are fine. Too bad you didn't come up with this plan thirty years ago so you could have had the advantage of working under a much thriftier private contractor ... and now living off social security instead of a good pension.


                    • "and results take 4 to 10 days" I scheduled an appointment 1 hour from when I called, results in 9 hours PCR test. One car in front of me at the drive through.


                      • Actually good news mostly, except for the dead people.

                        Deaths are still high, with around 4,000 yesterday and little sign of a downturn there.

                        Infections are steadily down with a daily average of around 145,000. This should be reflected in death rates in two to three weeks.

                        Vaccines are around a million a day also.


                        • Prince Andy is allowing full contact winter sports to resume in schools on Monday. Announced less than a week after the inauguration. Our numbers are probably as high as they’ve been since the get go. Friggin amazing.


                          • White people are least likely to wear masks consistently, according to a recent study.

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                              • Why You Should Double-Mask To Prevent COVID-19 (And How To Do It)





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