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Bad news on the COVID-19 front

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  • I don't think that people think that the Chinese bio-weapon is a hoax but, children are almost immune. Almost half the deaths in the US have taken place in nursing homes and long term care facilities. The media and Democrats are using it as a cudgel against Trump and Republicans and most people have figured that out. Nobody can evaluate the situation with hydrxychloroquine and other drugs because of the medias and the Democrats lying and spinning of information. The media and Democrats are literally killing people by the way they are treating the issue.


    • Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
      Absolutely incredible that so many Americans could believe COVID--19 was all a hoax because Trump said so.
      Especially considering the long trail of BS that flowed from his mouth and fingers before COVID19. He was already established as the most discredited president in US history.


      • India has surpassed us in number of confirmed cases per day. One out of every 15 deaths worldwide is in Texas. Looking at the top 10 states Alabama is the big surprise, bottom of the top ten but up there none the less. Only 5 million people in the state. Illinois is creeping up too, I see them in the numbers. Illinois has a lot of people and isn't too together otherwise.

        I've noticed a few articles on how we can get back to a workable rate of infection. It would have been a heck of a lot easier to reduce the numbers back in March/April/ or not opening up in May, Mask wearing is becoming the norm, imagine if it had been earlier?

        Trump offered a bunch of executive orders this afternoon destined to go nowhere, congress does money, not presidents.


        • Something we should all be exposed to. A different perspective from an informed person in another country not locked in a spasm over politics!!!
          Ok, I want to preface this article by stating that it is entirely anecdotal and based on my experience working as a doctor in the emergency room of one of the big hospitals in Stockholm, Sweden, and of living as a citizen in Sweden. As many people know, Sweden is perhaps the country that has…


          • Originally posted by labrador12 View Post
            Something we should all be exposed to. A different perspective from an informed person in another country not locked in a spasm over politics!!!
            In no time, the three libtards will be bashing this guy and whining about how dumb Sweden is, how stupid we are in believing this guys lies and how asinine it is to believe HCQ will actually work.
            No matter that the whole world is watching:
            Trump is a dumbass.
            HCQ doesn't work.
            "Orange" man bad.
            We all need to wear masks.
            Trump has no idea what he's doing.
            Shut down the economy.
            Trump is a liar.
            Social distancing.
            Trump is incompetent.
            etc, etc, etc......

            ...and every stunt they've tried has failed.
            SO....the (D)'s are about the most inept, mindless, nattering Bob's God ever put on this planet ... and the "Three Dipsticks" want us to believe THEM?
            Again! LMBO!


            • If Sweden had something to brag about, they would. And anti mask and what me worry types would be shouting it all over, but they aren't, because anecdote is not the plural of data.

              Sweden has a mortality per hundred thousand amongst the highest in the world, their current death rate still makes the top 25, infection rates are a seventh of the rate in the US. Sweden has a current infection rate worse than the EU as a whole and worse than man familiar EU members, like the UK, Germany, Greece etc. Also their infection rate has been climbing for two weeks. Great that the ER doc isn't seeing many patients, too bad so many people died.

              No one is jumping all over themselves to copy Sweden.


              • Interesting that the reason the death rate is so high is that we live in societies that have such a high number of older people. If the avg age of death was 40, nobody would even notice this virus, because no one would be living long enough to be in the age group responsible for the vast majority of the deaths.


                • However, on a per-capita basis, Sweden far outpaces its Scandinavian neighbors in COVID deaths, with 567 deaths per million people compared with Denmark's 106 deaths per million, Finland's 59 deaths per million, and Norway's 47 deaths per million. The Swedish figure is closer to Italy's 581 deaths per million.



                  • “We Italians always saw America as a model," said Massimo Franco, a columnist with daily Corriere della Sera. “But with this virus we've discovered a country that is very fragile, with bad infrastructure and a public health system that is nonexistent."



                    • 70% of the people who have died in Sweden are over 80 years old. Frail older people are the primary victims of this Chinese disease. I'm pushing 70 and am amazed by how these new years add health problems. Since I turned 65 I feel like I'm living dog years. A pandemic that primarily strikes those over 80 isn't something to shut the entire national economy down for. Us oldsters should be ultra careful, but the young whippersnappers should be going to school, working, and playing like normal.


                      • Originally posted by labrador12 View Post
                        70% of the people who have died in Sweden are over 80 years old. Frail older people are the primary victims of this Chinese disease. I'm pushing 70 and am amazed by how these new years add health problems. Since I turned 65 I feel like I'm living dog years. A pandemic that primarily strikes those over 80 isn't something to shut the entire national economy down for. Us oldsters should be ultra careful, but the young whippersnappers should be going to school, working, and playing like normal.
                        The "young whippersnappers" are not immune to the disease. And THEY CERTAINLY ARE NOT IMMUNE TO BE CARRIERS OF THE DISEASE even if they are asymptomatic! How do you expect to get a handle on an infectious pandemic if the hosts of the disease are allowed to spread it at will? Without a vaccine there is only one way to curb the spread and that is by curbing social interaction between everyone who is most at risk of becoming become sick AND everyone who can be a potential carrier, sick or not. That amounts to everyone in society. Even those who have had the infection and recovered from symptoms may still be infectious. There are no exceptions ... not as far as we know at this point. The bug hunts all of us. All the time.


                        • The first vaccines are likely to be only about 50-60% effective, and if only half the people take them, they will not be very helpful in controlling this disease.
                          We'll have to wait for another vaccine that is 75% effective and a population much more receptive to taking the shots.
                          Bill Gates is ready to subsidize the vaccine so that it would cost no more than $3 per shot.
                          Let us pray.


                          • Back in January my wife and I agreed to host a family reunion of my mother’s side of the family, it’s something that’s gone on since I was a young kid. The somewhat extended family has been a tight bunch since my grandparent’s days, mom’s generation decided long ago they weren’t going to gather just for funerals. It’s turned into an event over the years. Of mom’s bunch there are still 6 left of 8, mom being the youngest at 75 and her oldest sister at almost 91. We’ve actually buried as many from my generation from accidents as we have of theirs from natural causes.

                            We picked July 25’th as the date, when things came to a halt in March we sent the word out that we would plan to continue as long as circumstances allowed. Around the middle of June it looked like we were set to go if we wanted. A couple members have some medical conditions that make them high risk, but the over all consensus was the show should go on. The only no shows were a husband and wife who planned to come but were shut out last minute because of the state they reside in. Four from Michigan did make the trip as planned.

                            We spread everyone out as much as possible in the garage and outside, had sanitizer out in several spots and I set up a camp sink with soap outside. The sink went over huge, eating and hand sanitizer does not mix well, and wipes don’t get the funk off from grilled food. We use our garage as a pavilion quite often, opening the two overhead doors and the double entry doors in back and four windows allows a good amount of ventilation. Behind the double doors I set up the camper with the awning out for more shade.

                            Lunch was skewered chicken or venison speedies and Italian sausages, salt potatoes and sweet corn. All drinks and snacks were single serve packages. The only salad type dish was coleslaw. Everything hot got set directly into serving trays and my kids and a couple of their cousins served everything with utensils while being gloved and masked. As little contact as possible getting food onto individual plates.

                            Were we nervous about it? Absolutely. Was it important to do? Absolutely. Did we pray about it? Absolutely.

                            Over half the group was over age 60 with most of them 65+. Another 25% was 40-60 and the rest under 40. So yeah there was definitely risk involved. Travel restrictions aside we had a number of folks with other engagements or we would have been near 50 people.

                            It was two weeks ago yesterday. Thank God the phone hasn’t rung. It had a weird vibe as no one was really sure how to handle themselves but it went down with zero drama, a rarity at these type deals. You can imagine not everyone is on the same page politically but we all know tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. There’s more than a good chance a funeral will take place with our bunch Covid or not.


                            • Going back a couple comments Labarador I wouldn't want to ascribe high death rates only to the fact that people live a long time. Japan with the oldest population in the world has very low death rates. I think how we have reacted to the pandemic is the virus. I'd also hesitate to put a name to the virus other than the official one, the whole world knows it as the virus we have, they might name it after us.

                              CDC data which takes a long time to update gives numbers for deaths at our previous high back in April. A thousand deaths in one week to people 45/55 and two thousand to people 55/65. That's a lot of people. 65/75 was 3500 75/85 was 4500 and 85 and up was 5500+. If we let it rip how many of those middle aged people would get wiped out? Ten, twenty, a hundred thousand? What cost?

                              They are discovering lots of long term downsides too. Damage to hearts and kidneys. Brains.

                              I don't think the let them catch it for herd immunity works out. Lotta young health care workers get it.

                              And what is the reason we need to kill all those people? Quarterly profits? Nah, I don't think so. Richest country in the world maybe we ought to do like other countries have done successfully, have a nationwide effort beginning with a shut down like in Wuhan, and hiring a few hundred thousand contact tracers and truly giving rapid tests to all who want them and even some who don't.

                              I'm sick of being the worst at this. Talking like it's ok to sacrifice US citizens for profit. Nope.


                              • I'm not trying to profit from this. I'm not for opening up the economy for profits for anyone. I'm talking about losing capabilities. Losing industries. Mass starvation and riots and looting and urban areas unsafe for man nor beast. Civilizations have crashed before. Mass suicide, by trying to run our society from the top down under special rules with privilege granted by the elites to some but not all. We'll have an economy, but free, and market, and opportunity will be lost.




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