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    Rat, apparently you have trouble even understanding plain English. I've repeatedly described what I went through in February into March with an illness that I now believe to have been Covid-19. Therefore, I believe that I am now immune and can not pass it on to others. Same for PigHuntress.

    In any case, I will still take my chances with my own health and those I come in contact with every day for the rest of my life. Got news for you, Covid-19 isn't the only virus that can kill you. Info now emerging shows Covid-19 IS NOT as deadly as was initially feared. Sure, I'll wash my hands more often, use sanitizer a little more, and try not to touch my face when in public. But that's good hygiene anyway independent of the Covid-19 scare.

    Yeah, yeah, you can repeat yourself as much as you wish but you're just making yourself look like a laughable fool on this site. Stay home if you wish, I don't care what you do there in Colorado.
    Why do you care what I do in Alabama?

    I'm still waiting on your apology.


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      What county?


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        What I'm hearing is that the jury is still out on whether a person who has been infected and survived is immune from continuing to transmit the virus. I think the only thing worse than dying from this bug is making someone else die from it ... especially if it could be avoided. But hey, that's just me and my damnable socialist liberal (i.e. Christian) ethics speaking. A good American should only be worried about making money and the stuff he can buy with it. Give me my Golden Calf!


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          So far, what I gather from our experience to date is that this virus is worth watching out for because:

          1. It kills older people and people with certain medical conditions at an exceptionally high rate.

          2. Unlike other common flus, it is primarily transmitted by contagious people (who don't know they are contagious) through the air expelled from their lungs. The virus particles hang in the air for an exceptionally long time (as much as 4 hours) so exhaling in an enclosed space typically will spread the virus to others.

          3. The incubation period is high (as much as 2 or 3 weeks) so infected people can be contagious when they THINK they are fine.

          4. A large percentage of people below the age of 50 are asymptomatic. Combined with the long incubation period, they could transmit the disease actively for as much as a month or more without realizing they are killing sick people, older people, etc.

          With these issues in mind, it makes sense to be careful until we see how the ensuing months unfold. Infection levels and death tolls seem to be at a point where we can suspend sequestered life but we still all have to watch WHO WE INFECT and those who are in the high risk category must still WATCH OUT for themselves and avoid likely contamination areas as much as possible.

          These four characteristics of this pandemic virus could cause it to be resurgent in the next few months to we have to watch our step as we move forward. I am a high risk candidate and therefore will assume that any enclosed space with other humans is high risk and I will assume that many other humans will be irresponsible in controlling the spread of their infection.




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